The Sluggers' Youth Baseball Winter League has drawn to a close, which proved positive news for two Belfast-based squads who participated from the Mid-Coast Cal Ripken Baseball League.

Both the U10 and U12 squads participated in their respective championship games on Saturday, April 5, at the Sluggers Indoor Baseball/Softball Training Facility, and both teams clinched their respective titles.

The U10 team earned a 10-0 win over Bradford and were dominant from start to finish. Pitcher Jason Bartlett tossed a no-hitter for the locals, while teammate Zepherin Leppanen belted a grand slam to lead the U10 squad. The team finished with a 10-3-2 record.

The U12 team had a tougher go of it in its championship final, but bested Winterport 2-1 in eight innings. The contest was knotted in the bottom of the eighth inning before Eamon Goscinski belted the game-winning, RBI-triple to lead his team to victory. Luke Hamlin and Ryder Wagenknecht combined to give up only two hits pitching for Belfast. The squad finished with an unblemished 8-0 record.

Team members for the U10 team include Chris Fournier, Connor Fournier, Colby Benjamin, Joe Baker, Brandon Cournoyer, Sawyer Carson, Riley Woodbury, Matthew LeBlanc, Eamon Goscinski, Jason Bartlett and Zepherin Leppanen.

Team members for the U12 team include Luke Hamlin, Dakota Payson, Caleb Hall-Arnett, Noah Jacobs, Ryder Wagenknecht, Jason Bartlett, Isaac Cunningham, Zepharin Leppanen, Tommy Walker and Eamon Goscinski.

Leppanen, Goscinski and Bartlett play on both squads.