A 33-year-old Knox man was arrested early Sunday morning, April 13, after he allegedly became angry with his girlfriend, urinated in a closet and then assaulted the woman because she expressed her displeasure with his actions.

Damien Ingraham was arrested on charges of domestic violence assault and criminal mischief after the woman called police to report the incident, which occurred at a residence on Webb Road just after 1 a.m.

Lt. Jason Trundy with the Waldo County Sheriff's Office said Ingraham and the woman were arguing after a night of drinking, and that Ingraham then employed a relatively unusual method to express his anger.

"Apparently Mr. Ingraham decided to urinate in a closet, which upset the [victim]," said Trundy. "When she confronted him, that resulted in him pushing her, causing damage to the mobile home they are living in."

Trundy said the woman was not seriously injured and did not require medical attention.

Ingraham reportedly denied the woman's claims when officers arrived at the residence, Trundy said.

Ingraham is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, May 6.