A Belfast man was arrested on a probation hold stemming from a reported shoplifting in progress at a downtown Belfast business Thursday, April 10.

Nicholas Aird, 30, of Belfast, incurred a theft charge following the incident, which occurred at Katwalk on Main Street, according to Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham.

Cunningham said store employees grew suspicious after Aird entered the store and appeared to be stuffing items into his jacket.

"He packed his coat right full," said Cunningham, adding Aird had a pair of jeans stuffed into his coat sleeve in addition to the two watches and a variety of jewelry items police found on his person.

Cunningham said the total value of the merchandise Aird allegedly concealed in his jacket was $256.36.

After employees reported the suspected thefts, Cunningham said officers stood outside of each of the entryways at the business and confronted Aird as he attempted to leave.

Initially, Cunningham said Aird acted "agitated" when he started interacting with police, and at one point he tried to convince officers that he was not on probation.

The officers arrested Aird on the probation hold after a check revealed he was indeed on probation, Cunningham said.