The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between April 8 and April 15, 2014.


Todd French and Erin French to Catherine F. Stephens and Spencer K. Stephens.

Robert P. Lew and Kiaran M. Johnson-Lew to Elaine S. Kennedy Living Trust.

John W. Gray to Adam Henneke


Mary L. Tobey to Barbara M. Callahan


Ronald R. Boivin and Joseph P. Foley Jr to Joseph P. Foley Jr and Eve M. Foley.

Ronald R. Boivin and Joseph P. Foley Jr to Ronald R. Boivin.

Citifinancial to Bryan Lynn Fletcher.


Thomas S. Stephens to Knox Farm Trust.


Desiree Mikel, Desiree D. Mikel and Mark A. Mikel to Desiree Mikel.


Town of Lincolnville to State of Maine Fisheries and State of Maine.

Joellen Michael and David P. Michael to Charles C. Jepson and Allan E. Junker.

First NA to ZR Management LLC.

Richard L. Knight and Elaine S. Knight to Harrison Realty Inc.


MTC Holdings LTD to Lisa Renee Armstrong Trust.

Lisa Renee Armstrong Trust to Armstrong Real Property Lea LLC.


Lester S. Thompson to Lucas Hathaway and Jennifer J. Jackson.


Linda S. Withee and Reginald W. Withee Jr. to Withee Estates Inc.


Sandra Y. Smith and Merrill L. Smith to Eugene E. Ellis and Cynthia G. Wells.

Arthelene S. Hammond and Arthelee M. Hammond to Arthelene M. Hammond Living Trust.

Citifinancial Inc to Kaja Holdings 2 LLC.


Jared Colson and Kristine Colson to Myndee D. Sprague.

Town of Swanville to Leon Howard.

Edward C. Johnson to Edward C. Johnson and Barabara E. Johnson.


Eldwin A. Wixson Trust to Jennifer L. Wixson.

Mary C. Martin and Jeremy Martin to Stephen K. Philbrook.


Matt Linehan and Matthew Linehan to Maine Farmland Trust Inc.

Barry A. McCormick and Vera E. McCormick to Amy J. Ford and John A. Ford Jr.


Ghalayini Mouhiddine AR to G & D Properties Inc


Keefe C. Cyr and Central Mortgage Company to Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-7