Planning board members weighed in on a preliminary plan for the construction of a billiards hall on Northport Avenue in Belfast Wednesday, April 9.

Applicant Adam Henneke presented his plan for the billiards hall, which would be located at 220 Northport Ave. in an approximately 4,500-square-foot, single-level building on a lot that is slightly smaller than one acre.

Henneke said the business would open around 11 a.m. and be open until 11 p.m. or 1 a.m., depending on the amount of business he is doing. He said he is planning on being open seven days a week, but that schedule could change depending on if he is not doing much business on a particular day.

The billiards hall will have a total of nine tables, eight of which will be for public use and the ninth will be reserved for private use and lessons, Henneke said.

Henneke said he would also offer a limited selection of beer and wine, as well as food; however, he said he was not planning on maintaining a full kitchen in-house.

During a public hearing regarding the proposed project, a neighbor who abuts the property on the north side of the lot where Henneke's business will be located raised concerns about noise and lighting. Specifically, he asked if Henneke would have live music or other forms of entertainment.

Henneke said he will not have live entertainment and planning board member Roger Pickering pointed out that a well insulated building should contain most of the noise from the business. Henneke also noted that he plans to have a well insulated building to keep his overhead costs low, as well as to protect the equipment from high humidity during the summer months.

As to the issue of lighting, Henneke said he would install low-level lighting to illuminate the parking area. He added that he would screen the north side of his building with a mix of bushes and trees.

Henneke, who said he has played pool for more than 20 years, indicated he expected the business would attract people 35 years old to 80 years old. He also added that because there is not a similar business in the area, he would attract customers from outside of Belfast.

City Planner Wayne Marshall said the members of the planning board visited the site prior to the meeting.

Board members accepted Henneke's preliminary proposal and asked that he return for a future meeting with a site plan for the project. Specifically, board members asked for an internal layout of the building to show where amenities such as the restrooms would be located, and to identify snow removal plans and where a dumpster will be sited if he plans to use one.