Regional School Unit 3 Superintendent Heather Perry is inviting town officials and members of the public to attend an informational session on the Essential Programs and Services funding model in early May.

On May 6, at 6 p.m. in the Mount View Complex library, Perry will host a tutorial to help town officials and the public better understand the EPS funding model.

The state's Essential Programs and Services Funding Act controls how the district receives revenues based on a model that identifies the resources needed to pay for the necessary services that students need in order to meet the state's educational proficiency standards.

During the tutorial, which will be based on the district's own subsidy data, Perry will give a brief history of the EPS model; discuss the calculation of EPS rates and operating allocations, “other subsidizable cost,”  and local required contribution; review the ways the EPS model undercuts educational funding; and offer suggestions for fixing the model in the future.

Perry estimates the meeting will last approximately two hours and will allow for participants to ask questions and discuss ideas.