A recent spate of door-to-door sales pitches resulted in multiple calls to Searsport police, but Chief Dick LaHaye says residents should not be concerned.

Over the past few days, LaHaye said police have fielded about seven calls from residents expressing concern after sales people showed up at their homes at night. LaHaye said the sales people, who told police they are selling Kirby vacuum cleaners, appear to be on the “up and up,” but acknowledged they can be “somewhat aggressive” with their sales pitch.

After receiving the calls from concerned residents, LaHaye said officers spoke with the sales people and advised them that residents were worried about their activities and they should be more mindful of what time they are approaching residents at night. In one instance, LaHaye said a resident contacted police after one of the sales people approached their home at 9 p.m.

“We've been on top of this,” LaHaye said. “There's no indication of any wrong doing.”

LaHaye said when door-to-door sales people come into the community, the police try to obtain copies of their driver's licenses and vehicle registrations. He also said police encourage the sales people to stay in contact with them so that officers know what they are doing.

Anyone with questions or concerns is encouraged to contact the Searsport Police Department at 548-2304.