Constitution depended on and protects the right to bear arms

In Tom Seymour’s column in The Republican Journal of April 10, “The Constitution Not An Evolving Entity,” I think that Tom was spot on. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were crafted by our founding fathers to form this great nation of ours and at dire risk of their lives. Too often this document is interpreted to fit the dogma of someone who wants to change one of our rights or remove the same from history. I believe that many have forgotten what really happened when those “rebels” crafted these documents to rid us of the chains of England. To be politically correct, history is not taught to our children to emphasize what a great victory the Revolutionary War and then the War of 1812 was for this young nation. A rag tag group of citizen soldier yes fighting as hit-and-run rebels defeated the most powerful army and navy in the world at that time, kicked them from our shores and sent them packing.

We should remember that had we been defeated in that war those patriots and founding fathers would have been hanged by the King of England. Our heroes of that time would merely be statistics in a failed uprising and the Constitution might not exist. What lessons we should have learned from the methods that won that war. Citizens (not forgetting the uniformed soldiers of the official army), farmers and merchants by trade and day, took up arms and with hit-and-run tactics caused chaos to a trained and “regimented” army. Unfortunately we forgot what a determined group of citizens in everyday clothes can and did accomplish in too many wars we have since engaged.

Tom clearly states in his great literary style that we need to pay more attention to the rights that are being challenged in this time of history. The right to bear arms is one of the things that has protected and helped to keep us safe over the years from those that would try to upset this country. If all of the “guns” owned by citizens of this country and those people that know how to use them were counted no invading army would stand a chance to take over this country. I remember all too well the original movie “Red Dawn” and the statement where one of the commanders of the invading army instructed one of the soldiers to go to the Town Hall and gather the records of all the gun owners. I know it was a movie and drama for the film, but think of that statement as what could happen. I believe greatly in this country and no one can ever convince me that we are anything other than a unique state. We travel from state to state with no restriction, hold peaceful elections and resulting changes of the guard with no violence. Too many countries cannot make this statement.

I look forward to Tom’s future articles and while I may not always agree with everything, I will read it and will learn by it. Thanks to the editors for allowing him to share his point of view in your paper. And as a dinosaur in this age, God bless the written word and a free press. God bless America.

Owen Smith


Plow Contract

HFP Snow Removal would like to thank all Jackson residents who supported us during the last two years. We regret to inform you we have resigned from the last year of our snow plowing contract.

We underestimated the hate, harassment, threatening, bullying and organized undermining from certain residents and officials when there is a conflict of interest. We did not deserve to be treated this way. No one does! Constructive criticism and concerns from town officials and upset residents were expected, we got the above.

We always kept safety first and foremost. We were honoring our contract obligation plus providing services not required in the contract. Still, this was not good enough.

Small town politics can be very hateful and vicious. In the future, perhaps term limits for selectman are in order to prevent controlling officials from believing they are empowered to treat others like we were treated. In our opinion term limits would also discourage groups of non-elected self-servers from becoming too controlling.

A clear and specific plowing/sanding contract is necessary to prevent future conflict between the town and the snow plowing contractor.

Many citizens were very supportive and we appreciate this. Thank you!

John and Debbie Ludden