The following deeds were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of deeds between May 3 and May 8 2014.


Judith Judkins to James Leclair and Patricia Leclair.

Cooper Ridge Properties LLC. to Michael Cunningham.


Sean Davis to Brandon Boatman.

Gene F. Skillings, Jeanne S. Skillings, and Gene F. Skillings Sr. to Gene F. Skillings Jr.


Gilbert A. Leach and Grace D. Leach to Sarah Joy Runnion-Bareford and Jesse Remington Runnion-Bareford.

Claudia Lemke and Richard Lemke to Robert L. Lemke and Linda J. Lemke.


Michael M. McCue and Patricia A. McCue to Nichole L. LaValley and Frank N. LaValley.

Natasha L. Johnson to Natasha L. Johnson and Gene A. Johnson.


Richard Nightingale and James A. Munroe Jr. to Joyce Y. Feeney and John H. Feeney.

Wickwire Revocable Trust to Robert A. Hoffman and Jacqueline J. Hoffman.

Martin W. Lepow and Arlene M. Lepow to Poonsri Sawangjaeng.


Chistopher A. Brann and Joy A. Brann to Douglas E. Latham.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Peter Peterson and Mainely Org LLC.


Richard A. Heath Jr. to Heath A. Richard Jr. and Jeannette L. Heath

Becky Varnum to Mary R. Johnson.


Linda A. Bassano and WAMU Series 2007-HE3 Trust to WAMU Series 2007-HE3.


Peter Nutile and Downeast Credit Union to Downeast Credit Union.


Sheila Gardiner to Sheila Gardiner and Gary Gardiner.


Louise M. Roming and Laura J. Roming to Sisters Ledge Family Camp Trust.