As the spring weather warms, so does the play at the Northport Golf Club, which has been in full swing in recent days.

On Sunday, May 11 in the opening scramble, Mike Marshall, Barry Porter, Cindy Porter and Don Pendergast finished first at 61; Jeff Dutch, Cory Chase, Lisa Chase and Phil Bowen, second at 62; Terry Whitney, Roxie Whitney, Alex Fritz and Chip Fritz, third at 63; and Bob Delio, Tyler McDevitt, Jeff Shula and Vivian Fuller, as well as Randy Berry, Tom Lane, Beth Baker and Jake Thompson, and Dave Wentworth, Mike Lavender and Tom Stevenson, tied at 64. Cumulative pin winners were: Frank Field, Rick Hanscom and Dick Clements,  2 feet 11 inches; and Bob Delio, Tyler McDevitt, Jeff Shula and Vivian Fuller, 4-11.

On Wednesday, May 7 in a scotch foursome, Terry and Roxie Whitney finished first gross 39; Art and Sally Leclair, first net 31.5; Phil and Joan Bowen, Lee Woodward and Phyllis Gaul and Alex Fritz and Lisa Desmarteau, tied for second net 32; and Barry and Cindy Porter, fifth net 32.5. Cecil and Loretta Eastman won the mystery prize.

On Tuesday, May 6 in Twilight League, in Class A, Terry Whitney finished first gross 36; Moe Eastman and Randy Berry, tied second gross 38; Jesse Johnson, fourth gross 39; Chris Tibbetts, first net 31; Kevin Nickerson, second net 32; Paul Doody, third net 34; and David Potvin, fourth net 35. Pin winners were: Randy Berry, 11-0 on the third hole; and Mike Marshall, 11-10 on the ninth.

In Class B, Ken Gordon finished first gross 43; Alden Overlock and Jerry Savitz, tied for second gross 47; Bill Farris, first net 34; Phil Bowen, second net 35; and Jon Ohlsen, third net 37. Pin winners were: John Amedee, 34-7 on the third hole; and Duke Marston, 25-1 on the ninth.

On Sunday, May 4 in a two-golfer, best-ball net pro-am, Terry Whitney and Alex Fritz finished first at 58; and Don Pendergast and Rick Cronin, second at 59. Individually, Terry Whitney finished first gross 70; Moe Eastman and Jeff Dutch, second gross 79; Don Pendergast, first net 66; and Rick Cronin, second net 69.