Regional School Unit 3 board members approved moving Mount View Middle School to a trimester grading system starting in the fall.

Superintendent Heather Perry explained to board members Monday, May 12, the request to change the middle school to a trimester system of reporting grades is the result of a conversation and request from staff members at the school to make the change.

Perry pointed out that grades K-5 already use a trimester system of reporting grades.

She also noted that the middle school staff do more hands-on and long-term projects with students and the trimester system would be more accommodating to that in-depth work.

In addition, the trimester system would give teachers more time to provide meaningful comments to parents, according to comments made by staff present at the meeting.

Board member Myrick Cross asked whether the change at the middle school would also impact how grades are reported at Mount View High School. Perry responded that at this time, the district does not intend to change the way grades are reported at the high school

Board members approved the requested change, which will take effect in the fall of 2014.

Strategic Goals

Board members also listened to a brief presentation from Perry regarding a number of long-term strategic goals for the district. The draft goals, as outlined by the strategic planning committee, focused specifically on instructional and related issues.

Perry explained the draft goals took into account feedback received from a survey of staff members, 83 of whom responded to the questions.

The draft goals are as follows:


Student/Parent Understanding of Curriculum

By 2017 RSU 3 students and parents will have a clear understanding of the district's standards and curriculum.

Staff Understanding of Curriculum

By 2017 all RSU 3 staff will have a clear understanding of all components of the district curriculum.

Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements

By 2015 RSU 3 will publish district requirements for graduation based on standards.


Student-Centered Instructional Practices

By 2017 student-centered instructional strategies/techniques will be consistently employed throughout RSU 3's learning system.

Student Feedback on Practice

By 2016 all RSU 3 students will have frequent and multiple ways to provide feedback on instructional practices.


Multiple Measures of Learner Progress

By 2017 all staff will use assessment practices that incorporate multiple measures aligned to district learning targets to monitor learners' progress.

Student Choice in Demonstrating Proficiency

By 2015 all RSU 3 students will have some choice in determining how they demonstrate proficiency of learning targets.

Student/Parent Understanding of Assessment

By 2017 RSU 3 students and parents will have a clear understanding of the district's assessment system.


District-Wide Grading/Reporting System

By 2016 RSU 3 will have a consistent district-wide grading and reporting system in place.

Student/Parent Understanding of Grading/Reporting System

By 2017 RSU 3 students and parents will have a clear understanding of the district's grading and reporting system.

Because the goals were only a draft, Perry said she wanted board members to accept them as a first reading, which will then allow the strategic planning committee to begin working on creating action steps to implement the goals.

Board members accepted the draft goals a s a first reading.

In other business:

Perry's nomination of Quinton Donahue as the Mount View Middle School principal for the school years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 was approved unanimously.

Board members approved issuing second year probationary contracts and third year probationary contracts to teachers.