Busline League middle school baseball and softball squads continue to swing for the fences, scamper around the bases, pitch and make fine defensive efforts as play begins to heat up throughout Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties.

Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to sports@courierpublicationsllc.com. Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116. All results published are what VillageSoup has received on a particular game.

Click for photos from the Medomak at Hope-Appleton softball game May 12.

Click for photos from the Troy Howard at Searsport baseball game May 13.

Click for photos from the Troy Howard at Searsport softball game May 13.

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The following is a recap of recently-reported results:


Oceanside 8th 12, Camden-Rockport 6

At Camden May 14, the Mariners doubled up the Schooners and sailed to victory.

Leading the Schooners at the plate were Braden Fisher (single, run), Jesse Bifulco (single, 2 runs), Lucas Boetsch (2 singles, run), Jack Poutasse (double, run) and Conrad Crans (single, run).

For Oceanside, Jack Wadsworth (2 singles, run), Anthony Moore (double, run), Titus Kaewthong (triple, 2 singles, 2 runs), Connor Harvey (single, run), Garrett Young (single), Hunter Davis (2 singles, 2 runs), Jack Freeman (2 doubles, 2 runs), Kirt Ilvonen (single), Matthew Waldron (2 doubles) and Michael Dougherty (single) paced the offense.

Boetsch pitched for Camden-Rockport, allowing 16 hits and five walks, with 12 strikeouts.

Sheridan and Moore pitched for Oceanside, allowing six hits and three walks, with 13 strikeouts.

Medomak 8th 16, Lincolnville 4

At Waldoboro May 13, the Riverhawks soared to victory over the Lynx. Medomak scored eight runs in the second inning, one in the fourth, five in the fifth and two in the sixth. Lincolnville scored one in the first, two in the fourth and one in the fifth.

Leading Medomak at the plate were Wyatt Post (2 singles), Andrew Campbell (3 singles), Brent Stewart (single), Ben Dever (3 singles), Owen Jameson (single), Alex Zalinski (single, double), Josh Goldrup (double) and Tyler Fields (single).

Brent Stewart pitched for Medomak.

Information on Lincolnville was unavailable.

Wiscasset 5, Medomak 7th 4 (8 inns.)

At Wiscasset May 13, the Warriors prevailed by one run in extra innings over the Riverhawks. Medomak scored three runs in the fourth inning and one in the sixth; while Wiscasset scored two in the first and one in the fourth, sixth and eighth frames.

Alden McLain, Nathan Emerson and Kevin White pitched for the Riverhawks, allowing seven hits and six walks, with six strikeouts.

Haiden Dunning, Andrew Hendrickson and Noah Peaslee pitched for the Warriors, allowing nine hits and three walks, with 10 strikeouts.

Leading the Riverhawks at the dish were Emerson (2 singles, RBI), Wyatt Fillmore (2 singles), Shaye Bourmat (single) and Eli McCollett (single).

For Wiscasset, Ronald Drake (triple, single), Haiden Dunning (2 singles) and Andrew Hendrickson (2 singles) paced the offense.

Troy Howard 12, Searsport 3

At Searsport May 13, the Lions had no trouble with the Vikings and prevailed by nine runs.

Additional information was unavailable.

Troy Howard 21, Lincolnville 0 (4.5 inns.)

At Belfast May 12, the Lions mauled the Lynx and won via the mercy-rule.

Leading Troy Howard at the plate were Skylar Perkins (double, 2 singles, 4 runs), Nathaniel Johnson (single, 2 runs), Grey Dinsmore (2 singles, 3 runs), Konnor Harford (2 singles, 3 runs), Tyler Bartlett (triple, 3 singles, 4 runs), Sam Gimlewicz (2 singles, 3 runs), Caleb Young (single, run), Grady Doolan (single) and Wilder Magruder (single, run).

For Lincolnville, Mya Wiley singled for the team's lone run.

Gimlewicz pitched for Troy Howard, allowing one hit and four walks, with nine strikeouts. Pitching information for Lincolnville was unavailable.

Camden-Rockport 7, Medomak 7th 5

At Waldoboro May 8, the Schooners sailed to a two-run win over the Riverhawks. Camden-Rockport scored two runs in the first inning and one each in the second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh innings, while Medomak scored two runs in the first inning, one in the fifth and two in the sixth.

Leading Camden-Rockport at the plate were Kerry Sabanty (double, single), Connor Farrell (single), Spencer Johndro (single) and Nicholas Johnson (single).

For Medomak, Eli McCollett (2 singles) and Nathan Emerson (single) paced the offense.

Sabanty, Ethan Cayouette and Nate Von Lonkhuyzen pitched for the Schooners, allowing three hits and three walks, with three strikeouts. Emerson, Alden McLain and Kevin White pitched for Medomak, allowing eight hits and four walks, with 11 strikeouts.

Jefferson 18, Medomak 7th 5

At Waldoboro May 5, the Chargers prevailed over the Riverhawks by 13 runs. Jefferson scored seven runs in the first inning, three in the second, two in the third and fourth frames and four more in the fifth. Medomak scored three runs in the second and two more in the third.

Leading the 'Hawks at the plate were Wyatt Fillmore (double) and Chris Bowman (single).

For the Chargers, Basel White (2 singles), Justin Rollins (single) and Hayden Wood (double, single) paced the offense.

Nathan Emerson and Kevin White pitched for Medomak, allowing five hits and 13 walks, with six strikeouts. Jack Hayden pitched for Jefferson, allowing four hits and two walks, with one strikeout.


Oceanside 22, Camden-Rockport 2 (4 ½ inns.)

At Camden May 14, the Mariners sailed to a convincing win over the Schooners.

Kristina Ferguson and Emily Tyler pitched for Oceanside, allowing two hits and two walks, with five strikeouts. Allie Wells pitched for Camden-Rockport.

Leading Oceanside at the plate was Jordan Brackett (3 hits, 4 runs), Casey Pine (2 hits, 3 runs), Gabby Simmons (3 hits, 3 runs) and Kim Roman (2 hits, 4 runs); while Abby O'Donal (hit, run) led Camden-Rockport.

Troy Howard 18, Searsport 10

At Searsport May 13, the Lions roared in the late innings and prevailed by eight runs.

Brooke Richards pitched for Troy Howard, walking 10 and striking out 11. Lion coach Wendy Reed said Richards “got stronger as the game went on” as she walked only one batter in the last three innings. Amaya Hughes pitched for Searsport.

Richards, Emma Mehuren, Hayley Rahkonen and Julian Young had one hit for Troy Howard.

Hope-Appleton 21, Troy Howard 9 (5 inns.)

At Appleton May 9, the hosts scored runs in bunches as they have all season and surged to a mercy-rule win. Hope-Appleton scored five runs in the first, one in the second, four in the third, seven in the fourth and four in the fifth. Troy Howard scored one in the first, four in the third, one in the fourth and three in the fifth.

Leading Hope-Appleton at the plate were Laticia Billings (single, double, triple, home run, 5 runs, 2 RBIs), Gillian Lafleche (2 singles, double, 3 runs, 2 RBIs), Nicole Brown (single, 4 runs, RBI), Alyson Glasier (2 singles, 2 runs, RBI), Payton Wiley (double, run), Maggie Maxwell (2 runs), Mckenna Maxwell (double, run, 2 RBIs), Frances Ostensen (run) and Madison Maxwell (2 runs).

Billings and Lafleche pitched for Hope/Appleton, allowing seven hits and six walks, with nine strikeouts.

Information for Troy Howard was unavailable.

Medomak 8th 16, Camden-Rockport 3

At Camden May 8, the Riverhawks had their way with the Schooners and prevailed by 13 runs.

Gabby DePatsy pitched for Medomak and struck out 12 batters, while Hallie Kunesh, Josie Jameson, DePatsy, Alyssa Blacker, Cassidy Benner and Anna Wadsworth had one hit.

Information for Camden-Rockport was unavailable.