Disappointed in photo choice

I would like to express my disappointment with your paper for publishing the two in sequence photographs of the Mount View High School baseball team catcher during an awkward moment. I played the same position for the same team many years ago and I am sure that particular play is no easier today than it was then. I had my share of calamities, but was lucky enough to not have had them show up in the local paper. As parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, a community, and yes a local paper, it is our job to support and encourage our youth in all their legal endeavors. I don’t think those photographs did either.

Kenneth R. Overlock


Thanks to BAHS prom-goers for welcoming and including student who is different

Last Saturday, May 10th, I had the honor of accompanying my daughter, Karin, to her underclassman prom. Everyone at Belfast Area High School knows Karin, as do many people in the greater Belfast community, but for those who don’t, a brief description is in order. Karin is a seventeen-year-old student in Rachel Greeley’s life skills program at BAHS. She struggles to communicate verbally, processes information slowly, moves slowly, and tires easily. There are many things about the world that she does not understand, but she has a great sense of humor and usually brings laughter and joy into any room she enters. This seems to be her gift to the world.

She loved getting ready for the prom. Her mother helped her select a beautiful light green dress and accessories, her stepmother helped her dress and did her make up, and I had the privilege of buying her corsage. Karin really looked forward to going, but I was deeply concerned about how the evening would proceed, wondering if Karin would be left out, ignored or even targeted due to her exceptionalities.

My fears were groundless. The freshmen, sophomores and juniors at the prom, ladies and gentlemen all, would often be dancing more or less in a circle, which Karin would tentatively approach. The circle would open and gentle hands would welcome her to the group. She danced with gusto for two straight hours with many different individuals and groups before finding me and telling me she was ready to go home, happy but exhausted.

I commend the underclassmen for their open minds and gentle hearts and for helping make the evening such a success for Karin. I commend also the parents and teachers who have taught their children and students so well. My heart swells with pride and gratitude in and for my home town, as it is in how we treat the least able among us, that our strength is defined.

Joern Steinort


Secure loads for safer roads

I want to say thank you to the lady that stopped on Route 1 to check that I was OK after two propane tanks flew off the back of a large white pick-up truck with out a tail gate.

The man backed up to gather up his propane tanks, never saying a word to me. I was so shocked I didn't get his license plate number or his name. The tanks just missed my handicapped scooter and myself. I know that God was watching over me today and everyday.

Secure your loads. Bikes and scooters are at the sides of our roads. Please remember we have rights also. Take time to make sure you have your laods on your trucks secured well. It's worth five or 10 minutes to check everything than to kill or injure someone and then have to live  with it the rest of your life. That is if you care at all

Deborah Paradis


Thank you, Diane

When my husband Andy and I along with our two little toddlers moved to Lincolnville in 1979, one of our first friends was Diane O'Brien and her family. An immediate friendship began. Our children were all around the same age and with several other parents of school-age children we began to make plans to start the non-existent Lincolnville kindergarten.

Any family who has lived in Lincolnville for years or only a short time has read Diane's column weekly in either the Camden Herald or Village Soup. For me, I always have looked forward to Thursdays to read the goings on, school news, bird reports (sometimes from me), family news and what Wally has been up to (ha!).

So thank you, Diane, for all your loyalty in writing ever so faithfully, every week to us, the people of Lincolnville, who will truly miss your column. I know I will. You are one of a kind.

Judie Hazen


Thank you for Searsmont Green-Up Day

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents of Searsmont who helped clean up the town’s roadside trash this past Saturday as part of the inaugural Searsmont Green-Up Day. In spite of the rain, there was a fair number of intrepid citizens who took the time to show their pride in their town. I would especially like to thank Tanya Tibbetts and the members of Girl Scout Troop 533, and Eric Kennedy and the members of Boy Scout Troop 35 who did a wonderful job cleaning up the roads in the village proper. I would also like to thank Jim Robbins Sr. and Dave Marceau who collected more than 40 discarded tires. I would also like to thank Contessa and Kathy in the Town Office who handled the publicity, and the selectmen who wholeheartedly supported the project.

Searsmont is a beautiful place to live, and it takes everyone’s efforts to keep it that way.

Charlie LeRoyer


Appreciation all around for YMCA Triathlon

I would like to say thank you to all who made The Waldo County YMCA Triathlon a success. I just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful event. Particularly I want to thank all those volunteers who stood out there in the rain guiding us around the course. Many of you were out in the middle of nowhere, alone and in the rain — thank you! To my fellow triathletes, thank you for your words of encouragement! To all those cheering me on when I was trying to swim, I don’t know who all of you were but I could hear you pushing me to finish. To the pool staff, thank you — particularly to Erin, Kevin and Carolyn for coaching and helping me not to “hate swimming” but to swim. To my spin class friends and Amy, thank you! Amy, I heard you all along the ride: “Smooth out the stroke,” “Add another gear.” There are so many to thank including Kris K for listening and encouraging. Thanks to all of you, particularly my wife who put up with my moans and groans this past five months.

Douglas Calhoun