The following deeds were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between May 9 and May 15, 2014.


Nancy A. Rice to Nancy Ann Rice Living Trust.

Nikolay Zhutov to Alex Joutov.

Belfast Area Cohousing LLC to Zara Wallace Trust of July 20 2001

Joanne M. Anderson and Robert L. Anderson to Bowens Tavern LLC

Lawrence N. Way and Donna M. Way to Bonita L. Staples and John M. Staples.

Bonita L. Staples and John M. Staples to Christopher Coleman and Caryn Coleman.

Leslie R. Hills to Leslie G. Peters and Alan J. Hebert.


Arthur E. Hilderbrandt to John H. Cashman.

John H. Cashman to Arther E. Hilderbrandt.


Robin M. Delong and Robin M. Cameron to Darren J. French.


Richard K. Martin and Bonnie S. Martin to Judith A. Bennett and Stephen C. Bennett.


Lee-Ann Ellen Theriault to Robert W. Wlodyka.


Bethmarie Briggs Gooding to James Michael Connell, Jeanne Marie Connell, Robert William Connell, and William David Connell.


Norma R. Woodbury to Reid M. Woodbury and Michael F. Woodbury.

Donna Doolan to John L. DeGraff and Sandy DeGraff.


Jay R. Stager Living Trust and JR Stager Living Trust to Sheehan D. Gallagher.

Nancy Scovern to John Pincince and Lucy Pincince.


Mark D. Levin, Mary F. Morison and JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Federal National Mortgage Association.


Pelczar Irrevocable Living Trust to Richard Pelczar Living Trust.


Florence B. Heath to Richard A. Heath Jr.


Norman Landry to Norman Landry Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.


Jason William Johnson and Heidi Ellen Johnson  to Daniel C. Bowman.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Catherine Harjung and Paul D. Harjung.


Bangor Federal Credit Union to Nichole M. Rackliff and Matthew S. Theriault.

Scott Wallace, Sandy Cifone, Richard Wallace, Jeanne Leutjen, Ernest Wallace Jr, and Deborah Tyler to Frances M. Wallace.

Frances Wallace to Ernest W. Wallace Jr and Frances M. Wallace.

Maine Savings Federal Credit Union to Christopher B. Hale and Thomas F. Watson III.

Joyce L. Osgood and Robert P. Osgood to Teresa Elizabeth Leahy.