Between the persistent rain drops, and probably with a few falling on players' heads, plenty of recent golf has been experienced at the Northport Golf Club.

On May 18, Moe Eastman finished first gross 76; Tim Riley, second gross 80; and Jeff Dutch and Terry Whitney, tied for first net 68. The pin winners were: Tim Riley, 14 feet 1 inch on the third hole; John McKay, 30-9 on the 12th; and John McKay, 20-1 on the 18th.

On May 14 in a scotch foursome, Alex Fritz and Lisa Desmarteau finished first gross 36; Frank Field and Jean Brown, first net 30.5; Art Leclair and Sally Leclair, second net 31; and Scott Hawthorne and Alison Hawthorne, third net 32.

On May 13 in twilight league, in Class A, Dave Potvin finished first gross 35; Randy Berry and Terry Whitney, tied for second gross 38; Paul Doody, fourth gross 40; Alex Fritz, first net 30; Harvey Peterson, second net 32; Kevin Nickerson, third net 33; and Scott Hawthorne, fourth net 34. The pin winners were: Jeff Shula, 16-1 on the 12th; and Jeff Dutch, 10-2 on the 18th.

In Class B, Duke Marston finished first gross 41; Jerry Savitz, second gross 43; Ben Bailey, third gross 45; Larry Jones, first net 32; and Loren Van Ness and Ken Gordon, tied for second net 34. The pin winner was: Brian Beaulieu, 25-3 on the 18th.