The Weathervane Seafood Restaurant on Main Street in Belfast will reopen this June with expanded outdoor seating.

The Belfast Planning Board met May 14 and voted unanimously to allow the restaurant to expand its outdoor seating area by 32 seats. Owner Terry Gagner said the new seating will consist of eight tables located in an area adjacent to the parking lot that was previously used for landscaping. The area previously contained several shrubs and railroad ties. The total number of seats will increase from 218 to 250.

Gagner said the new seating will not reduce the amount of parking at the restaurant, but also will not increase it. The board approved the expansion under the recently amended zoning ordinance to allow a restaurant in the waterfront area to increase the amount of seating without being required to provide additional on-site parking.

No one spoke for or against the expansion during the public hearing on the application.

Medical office

The board held a development review and public hearing on an application to establish a medical office at 23 Jasmine Way.

According to Thomas Fowler, who was representing applicant Delores Schwenk, the office would be for a single physician practice focusing on women's health. The applicant is seeking to expand the driveway to allow for two-way traffic and to put in six parking spaces. Dr. August Schwenk would be the physician and would operate out of the office 20 hours per week.

One neighbor spoke during a public hearing on the matter. Mark Jensen, who is an abutting property owner said he was not against the project, but wanted the drainage system reviewed. The Planning Board instructed the city engineer to review the storm water management plan.

Jensen said he would also like to see increased signage or a gate across the lower part of Jasmine Way indicating it is a private road. Jensen said he has two young children and was concerned about traffic continuing down the road past the medical office by mistake. The board asked the applicant to adjust its plan to increase signage on the private way.

The Planning Board also asked the applicant to considering lowering the height of the light poles illuminating the parking lot and to limit the time they are on.