A local woman and her boyfriend are facing burglary and theft charges after police in two counties launched an investigation into several reported residential break-ins in Waldo and Penobscot Counties.

Jessica Gray, 24, of Winterport was arrested on three counts of theft and three counts of burglary Monday, May 12. Police say her boyfriend, 24-year-old Jonathan Brothers of Old Town, was also arrested on three charges of burglary and theft Tuesday, May 13.

Detective Merl Reed with the Waldo County Sheriff's Office said two of the three burglaries in Waldo County were reported April 21, and that a third homeowner was not aware that their home had been burglarized until police wrapped up the investigation into Gray and Brothers' alleged activities.

"That was kind of unnerving for them," said Reed.

Reed said his involvement with the case began when the sheriff's office received a call from a detective with the Brewer Police Department, who stated he was investigating burglaries in his area that he said involved Gray and Brothers.

"Miss Gray had acknowledged that there were a few places in Waldo County that they had broken into," said Reed.

Reed then met with Gray, at which time she described the three Waldo County homes that she said she and Brothers had burglarized — one house was in Frankfort, the other two were in Winterport. All of the break-ins, said Reed, occurred during daytime hours.

"They would go to the door and if nobody answered, they would go inside," said Reed.

Gray and Brothers largely sought cash and electronics. Reed said the duo had taken some jewelry from one of those residences but that police have since recovered those items and returned them to the family.

"Those people were very thankful to get that stuff back," said Reed.

Reed said Gray and Brothers are also facing charges in connection to burglaries in Penobscot County. Gray is being held on a probation hold, and Reed said Brothers is now free on bail.

Gray and Brothers are scheduled to appear at Waldo County Superior Court in Belfast Thursday, June 26.