Those who cherish the memory of the 1967 Red Sox and batting icon Carl "Yaz" Yastrzemski might find an outlet at the athletic fields behind Lincolnville Central School this summer.

That is when Lesley Devoe and other members of the Recreation Commission hope to start a seniors' softball team for men and women age 55 and older. Devoe said commission members were talking about ways to get more people out on the under-used ball fields at the school when they came up with the idea to field an oldsters' team. “We're having some fun with it,” she said.

The idea of gathering different generations to play, watch and have a hamburger at the new snack shack appeals to her, and she hopes it will have the same attraction for other residents.There will be no cost to play.

She looks on the team as a way to get some exercise, have fun with neighbors and gather the community, more than as a serious competitive endeavor, she said. The commission plans to invite other towns to form teams for some competition, she said.

Devoe also said she hopes to have 1960s pop music playing during practices, which will probably start at the school once Little League is over in June, she said. She wants to find another place to practice while Little League is still going on. To keep older heads and skin out of the sun, she hopes to have practices in the morning or early evening, when it is cooler.

Regular games will probably start in July and run into September.

Some people in town have already expressed interest in the team, she said, and more players are welcome. Devoe is looking at yard sales for equipment and would welcome donations, as well as volunteer coaches.

She said there has been some joking talk about having grandchildren run bases, and the team might agree on a “designated runner” rule.

“I used to steal bases all the time,” she said. But now she is not sure she would be able to get up after sliding into a base, she joked.

There is no plan for uniforms, but the team will probably have T-shirts, which will be decided on after more players are signed up.

The Recreation Commission also wants to start ice hockey teams for different ages, including seniors, this winter. It needs volunteers to plow the ice, Devoe said.

Anyone interested in playing or donating equipment should call her at 763-4239.