Any parent who is concerned about whether they are using their child's safety seat correctly, or is not sure whether they are using the right type of seat is encouraged to visit the Searsport Police Department on Memorial Day.

Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye said the department will offer the child safety seat inspections on Monday, May 26 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Dan Rich Public Safety Building.

Officer Dennis Remillard, who is also an inspection technician, will check seats to make sure they are installed properly, as well as offer advice on what kinds of seats child passengers will need as they grow.

According to the Maine Department of Public Safety, state law dictates that children who weigh less than 40 pounds must ride in a car safety seat, and children who weigh at least 40 pounds but less than 80 pounds and are younger than eight years old must ride in a federally approved child restraint system. Children who are older than eight years of age but younger than 18 years old and more than four feet and nine inches tall should be secured in a safety belt (with the lap belt fitting across the upper thighs and not the stomach, and the shoulder belt lying across the chest and shoulder area).

A child under the age of 12 who weighs less than 100 pounds must wear a seat belt and ride in the back seat of the vehicle when possible. From birth and through the first year, the law states children must ride in a rear-facing seat until the child reaches the height and/or weight limit of that particular seat. At that point, a child may travel in a front-facing seat with a harness. When children outgrow the front-facing seat, it is then time for parents to move their children into a booster seat, which must remain in the back seat whenever possible.

LaHaye invited anyone interested in getting their child safety seats inspected to call the department to set up an appointment for the day of the event by calling 548-2304. LaHaye encouraged callers to leave a message at the police department, including contact information, so an officer can get back to them and secure an appointment. Each inspection, said LaHaye, usually takes about 30 minutes.

After the kickoff event on Memorial Day, LaHaye said he expects to hold more inspection sessions in the future, likely occurring on a monthly basis.

Anyone with questions about the child safety seat inspection event can call the police department at 548-2304.