The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between May 23 and May 19.


Donald B. Terry and Nicola G. Terry to Elaine S. Kennedy Living Trust.

Elaine S. Kennedy Living Trust to Donald B. Terry and Nicola G. Terry.

Joanne M. McNaly to Elizabeth F. Connelly and Michael E. Connelly.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Nathan Pickering and Debra L. Pickering.


Sylvia J. Curtis to Sally J. Curtis and Stanley W. Curtis Jr.


Shellie R. Farris to Arthur B. Farris IV.

Gregg P. Quimby to Rhonda L. Graves.

Katherine M. Quatrale and Katharine M. Kadlewicz-Quadrale to Chelsey Bennett.


Sarah Fournier and Sarah Kelleter to Kenny B. Darling and Danielle Kilroy.


Dorothy A. Taurasi to Eric C. Hedberg.


Richard John Fuller to Bacchus & The Monk Qualified Personal Residence Trust.


Jeffrey E. Brawn and Robin Y. Brawn to Robin Y. Brawn and Jefrey E. Brawn.

Norman W. Kirby and April A. Kirby to John F. Buckley, Dianne R. Buckley, John A. Stewart and Jennifer B. Stewart.


Phillip W. Spaulding to Roberta Granville and Brian Granville.

Robert L. Joyner and Lucy A. Joyner to Bruce E. Thompson and Jocelyn R. Thompson.

Jessica N Martin to Jessica N. Martin and Seth J. Martin.


Alice C. Fenney Est to Colleen Kreps and James J. Kreps.

Alice Caldwell Fenney Est to Robert C. Fenney and Nancy T. Fenney.


Heidi J. Christiansen, Heidi J. Laite and Keryn B. Laite Jr. to Robert C. Fowler and Jasmine P. Fowler.


Russell E. Reigle and Catherine A. Reigle to Kenneth J. Burgess.

Paul H. Wallis Est to Paul H. Wallace Testamentary Trust.

Bank of Maine, Annie M. Spencer and John B. Spencer Jr. to Paul A. Crowning.


Katrina E. Costa, Christian R. Robinson and Katrina E. Robinson to Courtney A. Peed and Stephen E. Peed.

Hunter R. Wilbur to Dorothy H. Shea and John F. Shea.


Mark M. Thomas to Lori A. Thomas.


Kam Atwood to Heather D. Burgess and Matthew L. Burgess.


Beth A. Flanders to Betsy A. Headley and Jeffrey A. Smith.


Cheryl M. Dupont, Timothy J. Evans and Cheryl M. Evans to Allyson M. Lee.


Charles J. Klein to Mary E. Drouin.


One Hundred Forty Five Main LLC and 145 Main LLC to Chad Tozier.


Federal National Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Nathan D. Stover and Kelly J. Stover.


Cheryl Johnson and Cheryl M. Johnson to Ryan M. Crooker.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to David A. Solevei and Judith A. Solovei.

Clayton Lewis to Terri A. Briggs.