It was a bright, sunny day at Wiscasset Speedway and fans packed the bleachers to watch the races on Saturday, May 31.

On the schedule were the group one division which includes: New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stocks, Napa Super Street, Outlaw Minis and Pro Stock. At the track was an exhibition of modified racing.

The spotlighted race of the week was an action-packed 35-lap New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock feature. Starting at the pole was Ryan Hayes. Behind him were Jerry Bailey and James Bailey.

Coming up from his eighth starting position was Jeff Prindall. Prindall passed James Bailey during lap two on the outside of turn two for third. There was a caution during lap 11, and on the resulting restart, Prindall passed Jerry Bailey on the inside of turn two for second place. Jerry Bailey spun on the track during lap 14 and James Bailey moved to third.

Prindall advanced up the track looking for first. He was able to pass Hayes for first on the inside of turn two during lap 14. However, the following lap Prindall spun on the track alone, causing a caution. Prindall went to the back of the pack. Hayes moved to first. James Bailey moved to second. Advancing into the top three was Kamren Knowles. On the restart, Bob Patten passed Knowles for third. Moving from the back once again was Prindall. During lap 16, Prindall moved to the outside and passed both Patten and James Bailey, taking second.

Jerry Bailey passed James Bailey on the inside of turn one during lap 23 and took third. Prindall passed Hayes during lap 24 on the inside of turn two for the lead. Knowles passed Jerry Bailey on turn three during lap 24 and moved to third. Then, during lap 28, Knowles passed Hayes for second. Jerry Bailey moved to the outside during lap 29 and passed Hayes for third.

Prindall sped under the checkered in first. It was Prindall’s fourth consecutive win. Prindall is the points leader with 172. His closest competitors are Kamren Knowles and Craig Dunn, both of whom are tied for second with 146 points.

Coming in second was Knowles. Placing third was Jerry Bailey.

Providing a show for the crowd were the modified race cars in a 20-lap exhibition feature. Starting at the pole was Calvin Rose. Behind him was Richard Jordan and Mark Lucas. Jordan passed Rose on the outside of turn two for first during lap one. Lucas passed Rose on the outside of the back stretch during lap two for second.

What ensued next was a battle between Lucas and Jordan for race leader. The duo raced neck and neck, and there were nine leader changes between the two during the next 16 laps.

Lucas headed to the outside during lap 18 and made the final pass on turn three. Jordan was not able to complete another pass, and Lucas went on to win the race. Jordan placed second. Rose took third.

The last time modified cars raced at the track was in 2003, when they were a regular racing division at the track. The fans cheered at the mention of bringing the modified back as a biweekly division race.

Next on the agenda was a 25-lap NAPA Super Street feature. Starting at the pole was James Osmond. Dan Nessmith and Kevin Morse were behind him. Shawn Austin passed Morse on the inside of turn two for third during lap one. Then during lap seven, Austin passed Nessmith for second on the inside of turn three.

Coming up from his eighth starting position was Adam Chadbourne. Chadbourne passed Nessmith on turn two for third during lap seven. Lap nine saw Chadbourne pass Austin on the outside of the back stretch for second.

Austin passed Chadbourne on the inside of the back stretch reclaiming second place during lap 23. During lap 24 Nessmith passed Chadbourne on the inside of turn three for third.

Osmond placed first. Coming into the race, Osmond was third in points, with 158. Osmond has placed in the top five in three out of four races this season. First in points was Adam Chadbourne with 172 points. Chadbourne lost his engine during the practice on Saturday. Chadbourne lent a hand and instead raced Chris Staples. Second in points with 164, was Josh Bailey, who was absent from Saturday’s race.

In a quick, straightforward race, 12 Outlaw Minis hit the track for a 25-lap feature. Mike Mason started on the pole. Jimmy Childs and Matt Moore were behind him. When the green flag flew, Moore passed Childs for second. Ryan Glover followed Moore and moved to the inside and passed Childs on turn one for third.

During lap two, Glover passed Moore for second on the inside of the back stretch. Calvin Rose Jr. passed Moore on turn four for third during lap two. Shawn Kimball passed Rose on the inside of turn three for third during lap 23.

Mason finished in first. Glover placed second. Rounding out the top three was Kimball. Coming into Saturday’s race, point leader in the Outlaw Mini division was Jimmy Childs. Childs had 160 points. Shawn Kimball had 142 points coming into the race. Nate Tribbet was third in points with 132.

The next crowd-pleaser was a 30-lap Pro Stock race. Starting at the pole was Joe Decker. Behind him were Maggie Ferland and Nick Hinkley. When the green flag flew Hinkley, Bill Penfold, and Mike Orr headed inside and passed Ferland when she was slow off the start.

Hinkley passed Decker on the inside of turn two during lap two for first. However, Hinkley’s lead was short lived as he was black flagged during lap four due to mechanical issues. Decker moved to first. Penfold moved to second. Orr moved to third place.

There was a caution during lap 13. When racing action resumed Penfold passed Decker on the outside of turn one. During lap 19, Orr passed Decker on the outside of turn three for second.

Penfold took the checkered. Penfold is the current points leader in the Pro Stock Division. Penfold had 168 points coming into Saturday’s race. His closest competitor is Mike Orr with 164 points. Nick Hinkley is a close third with 162 points. Penfold has had three first-place finishes, and one second-place finish in the Pro Stock Division this season.

Orr placed second and Decker third.

The individual results from May 31 racing were:

New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock (35 laps) — 1, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 2, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 3, Jerry Bailey, Alna; 4, Ryan Hayes, Jefferson; 5, James Bailey, Wiscasset; 6, Bob Patten, Westbrook; 7, Bill Pierce, South Bristol; 8, Nathan McWilliams, Lewiston; 9, Cameron Folsom, Augusta; and 10, Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner.

Modified (20 laps) — 1, Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 2, Richard Jordan, Kingfield; 3, Calvin Rose, Turner; and 4, Troy Thorne, Sidney.

NAPA Super Street (25 laps) — 1, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 2, Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; 3, Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset; 4, Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich; 5, Chris “Buzzy” Buzzell, Madison; 6, Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 7, Jamie Norton, Farmingdale; 8, Travis Dunbar, Auburn; and 9, Zach Poland, Woolwich.

Outlaw Mini (25 laps) — 1, Mike Mason, Skowhegan; 2, Ryan Glover, Mexico; 3, Shawn Kimball, Augusta; 4, Calvin Rose Jr, Turner; 5, George Fortin, Greene; 6, Nate Tribbet, Richmond; 7, Chris Blanchard, Clinton; 8, Darrell Moore, Mechanic Falls; 9, Butch Keene, Turner; 10, Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 11, Nick Bissell, Lewiston; and 12, Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls.

Pro Stock (30 laps) — 1, Bill Penfold, Oxford; 2, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 3, Joe Decker, Chesterville; 4, Maggie Ferland, Auburn; and 5, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset.

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.