The Busline League middle school baseball and softball quarterfinal playoffs have wrapped up as squads now move on to the next round of the single-elimination postseason tournament.

Semifinal games will be played throughout the remainder of the week, including one game on Wednesday, June 4. Busline League baseball and softball chairman Jason Adickes said the scheduled day for semifinal games is Thursday, June 5, but with rain in the forecast for that day, school officials are taking precautions and could move their games to Friday, June 6.

As of June 4, the league baseball and softball championships are still slated for Thursday, June 12, site to be announced.

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Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116. All results published are what VillageSoup has received on a particular game.

The following is a breakdown of semifinal games, with times and dates included where available. All dates and times are subject to change due to the weather.

The semifinals for South Division baseball will feature No. 3 Camden-Rockport at No. 2 Jefferson (June 5, 3:45 p.m at Nobleboro) and No. 5 Bristol at No. 1 Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta.

In the quarterfinals, No. 3 Camden beat No. 6 Nobleboro (score unavailable), No. 2 Jefferson beat No. 7 Medomak 2-1, No. 5 Bristol beat No. 4 Oceanside (score unavailable) and No. 1 GSB beat No. 8 Boothbay 15-3 in five innings.

The semifinals for South Division softball will feature No. 3 Medomak at No. 2 Nobleboro and No. 4 Bristol at No. 1 Oceanside (June 6, 3:30 p.m., Thomaston Grammer School).

In the quarterfinals, No. 3 Medomak beat No. 6 Boothbay 14-2 in five innings, No. 2 Nobleboro beat No. 7 Wiscasset (score unavailable) and No. 4 Bristol beat No. 5 Great Salt Bay 13-12.

The semifinals for North Division baseball will feature No. 3 Camden-Rockport at No. 2 Troy Howard (June 5, 3:45 p.m., Belfast) and No. 5 Searsport at No. 1 Oceanside (June 6, 3:30 p.m at Oceanside varsity field, Thomaston).

In the quarterfinals, No. 3 Camden-Rockport beat No. 6 Lincolnville 12-0 in five innings and No. 5 Searsport beat No. 4 Medomak 7-5.

The semifinals for North Division softball will feature No. 3 Medomak at No. 2 Hope/Appleton (June 4, 3:45 p.m at Appleton) and No. 5 Camden-Rockport at No. 1 Oceanside (June 9, 3:30 p.m., Thomaston Grammar School).

No. 2 Hope/Appleton defeated No. 3 Medomak 10-9 June 4 and thus, will move on to the North Division finals.

In the quarterfinals, No. 3 Medomak beat No. 6 Searsport 35-8 in five innings and No. 5 Camden-Rockport beat No. 4 Troy Howard (score unavailable).

The following is a recap of reported results:


Searsport 7, Medomak 8th 5

At Waldoboro June 3, the Vikings plated three runs in the first inning and never trailed as they moved on to the next round. Searsport scored three in the first and third innings and another in the fourth, while Medomak scored two in the first and one in the third, sixth and seventh frames.

Noah Clark went 5 2/3 innings on the hill for Searsport, allowing eight hits and no walks, with three strikeouts. Jacob Moore and Connor Kneeland pitched in relief and allowed one hit and four walks, with four strikeouts. Pitching information for Medomak was unavailable.

Leading the Vikings at the plate were Kneeland (2 singles, 2 runs, 4 stolen bases), Moore (run), Liam MacMillan (single, 2 runs, 2 stolen bases), Ben Powell (3 singles, double, 2 RBIs), Chris Evans (single, RBI, run, stolen base), Eric Bowen (double, RBI, run, stolen base), Devon Bean (single) and Daniel Dickey (single).

For the Riverhawks, Wyatt Post (single, run), Andrew Campbell (single, run, 2 stolen bases), Owen Jameson (2 singles, 2 runs, 3 stolen bases), Duncan Morrell (2 singles, run) and Josh Goldrup (2 singles, double) paced the offense.

Jefferson 2, Medomak 7th 1

At Nobleboro June 3, the Chargers did just enough to hang on and defeat the visiting Riverhawks. Jefferson scored two runs in the first inning, while Medomak’s tally came in the second.

Leading the Riverhawks at the plate were Eli McCollett (double), Alden McLain (double, run) and Kevin White (single, RBI).

For the Chargers, Basil White (2 singles, RBI), Dylan Grotton (double, single) and Jack Hayden (double, RBI) paced the offense.

McLain went the distance on the hill for Medomak, allowing 10 hits and three walks, with two strikeouts. Michael Sprague, Chandler Moore and Ryan Creamer pitched for Jefferson, allowing three hits and two walks, with 11 strikeouts.


Hope/Appleton 10, Medomak 8th 9

At Appleton June 4, the hosts survived a scare from the visiting Riverhawks and prevailed by one run. Hope/Appleton scored two in the fourth, three in the fifth, two in the sixth and three in the seventh. Medomak scored one in the first, four in the second, one in the fifth and three in the seventh.

Leading Hope/Appleton at the plate was Nicole Brown (3 singles, 2 runs), Gillian Lafleche (2 doubles, single, 2 runs), Laticia Billings (single, double, home run, 2 runs), Payton Wiley (single, home run), Alyson Glasier (single, run), Madison Maxwell (2 singles), Abbey Harrington (single), Any Kunzinger (run) and Mckenna Maxwell (run).

For Medomak, Hallie Kunesh (double, single, 2 runs), Josie Jameson (single, 2 runs), Abby Nelson (double, run), Gabby DePatsy (run), Anna Wadsworth (run), Katie York (run) and Alyssa Blackler (single, run).

Lafleche pitched for Hope/Appleton, allowing six hits and eight walks, with 10 strikeouts. DePatsy pitched for Medomak, allowing 15 hits and five walks, with seven strikeouts.

Medomak 8th 35, Searsport 8

At Waldoboro June 3, the Riverhawks plated nine runs in the first inning and sailed into the next round with a win over the Vikings.

Hallie Kunesh and Gabby DePatsy pitched for Medomak, allowing a combined eight walks with 11 strikeouts. Amaya Hughes pitched for Searsport and walked 26 batters and struck out one.

Leading the Riverhawk offense were Kunesh (single), Anna Wadsworth (single), Megan Wright (single), DePatsy (single), Katie York (2 singles), Josie Jameson (3 singles), Cassidy Benner (double), Alyssa Blackler (single, double) and Abby Nelson (triple).

For the Vikings, Arianna Stemp (single) and Audrey Walker (single, triple) paced the offense.