Vote 'no' on Lincolnville's fireworks ordinance

On June 10, I encourage all Lincolnville voters to vote “No” on Article 4. The article reads: “Shall an ordinance entitled 'Town of Lincolnville Consumer Fireworks Use Ordinance' be enacted?” While the title of this article sounds innocent enough, this unnecessary 3-page ordinance would place an additional regulatory burden on the town, and would require an authorized agent of the town to provide enforcement.

The state fireworks law as written, is sufficient. Lincolnville does not need its own town ordinance which cannot be enforced anyway. Please vote “No” on this ill-conceived ordinance. And when you do enjoy your fireworks this summer, please be considerate of your neighbors and use basic common courtesy. We don’t need an ordinance for that.

Cathy Hardy


Get out to vote June 10

I would like to encourage everyone to vote in the upcoming primaries as it's our best chance to make sure the best candidates for every office compete for our votes in November.

An example of such a candidate is Owen Smith who's running for Waldo County Commissioner for District 1. He's been serving the County for most of his life, most recently as director of the 911 Center for the past 15 years. He's also chairperson of the Department Head/Safety Committee for the past six years, a sign of how much his peers respect his hard work, dedication and leadership qualities.

He's worked well with his colleagues from around the state, president of the 911 County Directors Association for three terms, and a voting member of the executive board of directors for the Maine County Commissioners Association. He knows how to get things done.

Owen is a strong believer in county government and he's seen how much it affects all our lives. He's lived here in Waldo County his whole life and is known for his good humor, his caring and his dedication to his job. He's a great guy whose qualifications are outstanding. If you agree with me, vote for Owen; but agree or not, let's all vote in the primaries to get the best people for these important jobs.

Dale M. Kimball-Kocot


An end to the war in Afghanistan?

2014 seemed so far away when Mr. Obama first said that the U.S. war in Afghanistan would end this year. Now he announces that the US "combat role in Afghanistan" will end this year, but 9,800 troops will remain in Afghanistan until 2016 to "train Afghan soldiers and carry out missions against terrorists."

That is the same mission we have been told was going on since 2001. Why does Mr. Obama insult our intelligence by announcing this with a straight face as if this is a different policy? I know—it is the same quality of "leadership" that fed us that slogan "change you can believe in."

Mr. Obama, now acting as if he is the emperor of the American imperium, having suffered no consequences from his murdering of US citizens abroad, his carrying out drone strikes in foreign countries without declaring a state of war, his illegal gathering of US citizens' telecommunications and other unconstitutional actions, decides to announce the continuation of war in Afghanistan by saying that we have reached the end of that war.

We look forward now to hearing that dead US soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan are not dead, that drone strikes are not drone strikes and that the continuing expenditure of our tax money in Afghanistan is not taking away resources from U.S. domestic needs nor contributing to the U.S. national debt now standing at $18 trillion.

Cathy Mink


Thank you for your support

We are deeply grateful for the support of so many in this community to make our annual fundraising auction such a great success. Together we were able to raise more than $17,000 to support the tuition assistance fund at Cornerspring Montessori School in Belfast, ensuring a diverse community for our upcoming school year.

First and foremost, we would like to thank the families and staff of Cornerspring; from donating items to be auctioned to selling tickets, to coming and bidding on some wonderful things, we certainly could not have done this without your assistance. We were fortunate to have the help of several sponsors this year, so thank you to Tucker Law Group, Pica Design + Marketing, Belfast Pediatrics, Belmont Boatworks, GO Logic, Little River Veterinary, Seahorse Stables and Trillium Caterers. Thanks go out to Fiddlehead Artisan Supply and Camden National Bank for assistance selling tickets. We are grateful to have Eric Sanders as our auctioneer: he kept us entertained and donated drum lessons as well! And finally, thank you to the many businesses who pledged support by donating an item to our auction: The Cool Spot, Ridge Runner Veterinary Services, Point Lookout, Cycles of Life Massage Therapy, Dead River Co., Baldwin Apple Ladders, Soaring Adventures of America, US Rafting of Maine, Maine Coast Orthodontics, Woodland Management, The Inn at Ocean's Edge, Alleson Bixler, Primo Restaurant, Fiddlehead Artisan Supply, Mainely Pottery, Out on a Whimsey, The Grasshopper Shop of Searsport, Honey Bees, Belfast Dance Studio, Libitcki School of Dance, K2 Music, The Green Store, Waterfall Arts, Just Jumpin', Rural Electric, Dave's Fresh Pasta, Eat More Cheese, Peacemeal Farm, Bahner Farm, Sweet Henry's, Let Them Eat Cake, Magic Dilly Beans, Belfast Soda Company, Green Tree Coffee and Tea, Three Tides and Marshall Wharf, Vinolio, Viking Lumber, The Good Table, Kristen Burkholder, Lisa Nichols Salon, Revival Hair Salon, Sonya's Skin Care, Belfast Bay Crossfit, City Drawers, US Cellular, Nautilus Restaurant, The Colonial Theatre, Bell the Cat, The Gothic, Scallions, Chase's Daily, The Belfast Co-op, The Strand, Hope Elephants, Farnsworth Art Museum, Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine, Flatbread Co., Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Northport Golf Club, Perry's Furniture, Molly Amber Gifts, Coastal Helicopters, Belfast Framers, Once A Tree, Yo Mamma's Home, Coyote Moon, Rising Up Farm, The Grasshopper Shop of Rockland, Brambles, and Out of the Woods.

We are so proud to be part of such a wonderful community! Thank you again for your support and we'll see you again next year!

Cornerspring Auction Committee


Thank you, Brooks Memorial Day celebration attendees

The Jackson Veterans' Memorial Volunteers would like to thank everyone for attending the celebration on Monday: the American Legion of Brooks and their families (special thanks to Mike Thibadeau and his wife for coming in the rain); Chaplin Warren Doresam for the wonderful prayer; Jim and Doreen Difon for their help in weeding and donation of mulch in between rain;. Bill Warman for the replacements of the Lillies; Doug Love for the flower lease; Joline Doresam for donation the Maine State flag; Clarence Bickford for the 100 baloons that were released for our veterans on Memorial Day—What a wonderful sight to see and be part of; Clifford Thompson for the speaker system and planting the lillies with  Marlene. Special thanks again for the children and the new faces this year.

Thank you everyone for remembering our veterans.

Marlene Thompson