The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between May 29 and June 5, 2014.


Kenneth P. Stevens to Sherilee K. Stevens.

Sherilee K. Stevens to Patricia A. Sexton and Michael R. Sexton.

Keith Cross Family Trust to Kristen K. Redman and Arlo L. Redman IV.

Sheila A. Dove, Bruce B. Farrell and Pennymac Corp to Pennymac Corp.

Belfast Area Cohousing LLC to Amy Adamson and Jenny Davis.

Cecile McKenzie to Patricia A. Smith.

Martha M. Block to Robert M. Alder and Anne-Marie Nolin.

Rachel Brewster to Cecile G. McKenzie.

Federal National Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Nathan D. Stover and Kelly J. Stover.


Howard M. Whitcomb and Laura C. Whitcomb to Dora Philbrook.


Larry M. Globe and Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Bank of New York Mellon Trust.


Dorothy A Taurasi to Eric D. Hedberg.


Jonathan S. Dove and Benjamin E. Dove to Benjamin E. Dove.

Beech Hill Farm Real Estate Trust C to Beech Hill Farm LLC.

Beech Hill Farm Real Estate Trust B to Beech Hill Farm LLC.

Beech Hill Farm Real Estate Trust A to Beech Hill Farm LLC.

Paul D. Kazilionis to K Islesboro LLC.


Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae, James F. Axsom, and Ronanne M. Haigh to Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association.

Beverly Penney to Aghaolma Farms.


Carl Moody and Warren Moody to Brenda A. Moody and Carl Moody.

Barbara P. Hawkes Est. to Jameson R. Harris.

Laura Lee Hall Est. and Laura L. Jade Est to Gerald W. Hall Jr.


Susan J. Dilworth to Owen E. Weyers and Jeanne P. Weyers.

Owen E. Weyers and Jeanne P. Weyers to Kirk Dunton and Rebecca Dunton.

Town of Lincolnville and Ducktrap Resources Inc to Emily Dean and Wesley Dean.

Richard K. Roberts, Marcia H. Spooner, and Marcia H. Roberts to Marcia H. Roberts and Richard K. Roberts.

Judith R. Walker 2013 Trust to Cindy L. Hodgdon.


Lorita B. Mayo and Sarah L. Whitmore to Stuart R. Whitcomb.


Linda A. Gallant and Linda Arnold to Tammy Combs.


Erdene K. Weymouth to Kenneth M. Weymouth and Diane C. Weymouth.


Lilla M. Hubbard and Albert E. Hubbard Sr to Kristen P. Mesaric.

Walter A. Haggett and Ann M. Haggatt to Ann M. Haggatt and Water A. Haggatt.

Jon A. Giguere and Elizabeth R. Giguere to Monique Eldridge and Bruce F. Eldridge.


First NA to First NA.


Bank of America NA to United States of America HUD.

Patricia Herley-Cronin Est to Elizabeth Laney Cronin and Tara Cronin Richardson.

Melvina J. Anderson to Bruce A. Spaulding and Carola Faustick

Melvina J. Anderson to Bruce A. Spaulding and Loanne H. Spaulding.

Jennifer L. Bowden and Jennifer L. MacLeod to Colin P. Sarsfield.


Ocean View Terrace LLC to Wesley A. Olmstead and Nancy E. Olmstead.

Arnold W. Cox Jr to Arnold W. Cox Jr and Sheryl A. Cox.


Timothy Downer, Melissa May and Melissa Downer to Melissa May.

Clayton J. Bryant and Deborah L. Bryant to Emilee D. Carlson and Christian K. Carlson.

Sheila M. Carter to John P. Higgins and Wendy L. Higgins.


Joseph E. Bourque to Joseph E. Bourque and David C. Bourque.

Charles J. Klein to Mary E. Drouin.


Richard L. Hodges Inc to East Coast CBD LLC.


Sheryll L. Small and Daniel I. Small Jr to Birches Self Storage LLC.

Sheryll L. Small to Sheryll L. Small and Daniel I. Small.


Vincent B. Ceglety and Emily Cegledy to Michele G. Metzler and Jacob W. Metzler.

Fannie Mae, John S. Aywer, Desiree J. Wilson-Ayer, Desiree Jill Joanne Wilson, Federal National Mortgage Association to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Terry D. Atwood and Jameson R. Harris.

Ann Jameson Gouvea to Donna L. Poitras and Claude D. Poitras Jr.