Twenty-one members of the Belfast Area High School Class of 2014 will be attending the Maine Community College System this coming fall. Those who will be attending Eastern Maine Community College include: Karrah Armstrong, Kristi Cunningham, Ezra Downs, Mike McFadden, Samantha Moores, Will Mossing, Marc Parsons, Leo Richter, Meggie Simmons, Jessie Snow, Kellie Stark, Kendra Theriault and Kurt Trott. The following will be attending Kennebec Valley Community College: Kaylee Anderson and Elida Mehuren. The following will be attending Northern Maine Community College: Ellie Simmons. The following will be attending Southern Maine Community College: Grace Davis, Paige Pray-Smith, Amber Roberts and Hannah Zeman. Andrew Asselin will be attending Washington County Community College.