More than 130 students walked onto the Belfast Area High School football field June 8 under sunny skies and past scores of family, friends and teachers to finally complete their high school careers.

The graduating class of 2014 were led onto the field by members of the BAHS faculty, dressed in their own gowns, to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance" played by the BAHS band. Family members jockeyed for position to snap the perfect photo of their graduate walking onto the field in the traditional blue robe.

Mistress of Ceremonies and Class President Allison DellaMattera opened the ceremony after Autumn Stupca sang the national anthem.

Romy Carpenter, the class valedictorian, gave the welcome address in which she thanked the many people who helped the students achieve graduation including parents, teachers and coaches. She closed out her speech with a quote from the classic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes saying, "It's a magical world, Hobbes old buddy, now let's get exploring."

Assistant Superintendent John McDonald gave the administrative address in which he talked to the graduates about the importance of integrity, quoting sources as varied as country music star Aaron Tippin and "Star Trek."

The keynote address was given by BAHS graduate and current Stonehill College student Kaitlyn Schweikert. Schweikert was a part of the 2011 class at BAHS and spoke about her experiences in the three years since graduating, offering advice as the students transition from high school to college.

Schweikert urged the students to "form strong memories" especially of their graduation day, which she said they would remember for the rest of their lives. She also spoke about the city of Belfast and BAHS as always being their home.

"Be proud of where you came from," Schweikert said. "Belfast gave us all the chance to find our niche in life."

Other speakers included Kyah Watson-Fountaine who read the class ode, Emma Moesswilde who read the honors essay and Ari Snider, who gave the farewell address.

The following is a list of the seniors who received diplomas that Sunday's commencement exercises: Alexis Ames, Kaylee Anderson, Jade Armstrong, Karrah Armstrong, Andrew Asselin, Hannah Bailey, Dakota Black, Kally Bowen, Peter Brunette, Romy Carpenter, Dustin Chambers, Darya Chernenko, Genna Ciofolo, Greg Clark, Zachary Collier, Caelyn Crosby, Madison Cummings, Kristi Cunningham, Grace Davis, Kayla Davis, Allison DellaMattera, Korey Doolan, Ezrah Downs, Lacey Durkee, Benjamin Flood, David Flood, Kelsey Grass, Jasmine Harriman, Jesse Herbert, Alexia Hersom, Cassandra Howard, Allison Hurd, Mariah Hurd, Nancy Joslen, Ashley Keene, Jennifer Knight, Sam Lear, Asa Lewis, Nicole Lewis, Ashley Littlefield, Briahna Loring, Michael McFadden IV, Michelle McIntire, Mika McKinney, Elida Mehuren, Kristine Mehuren, Ethan Merrifield, Emma Moesswilde, Williiam Mossing, Cody Nelson, Larry Nickerson, Marc Parsons, Joshua Peabody, Makayla Peavey, Paige Pray-Smith, Michael Reynolds, Leonid Richter, Amber Roberts, Walker Roberts, Anthony Salisbury, Michael Schnetzer, Evan Schweikert, Ellie Simmons, Meggie Simmons, Baxter Smith, Ari Snider, Jessie Snow, Kelli Stark, Grant Starrett, Miranda Stevens, Autumn Stupca, Kendra Theriault, Tyler Tran, Kurt Trott, Lindsey Ward, Curtis Warren, Kyah Watson Fountaine, Christian Williams, Savana Wood, Hannah Zeman, Zachary Herbig, Scott Hilt, Logan Mitchell, Joseph Perry, Nickolas Philbrick, Philip Taylor, Hendrick Andrews, Jonathon Bryant, Miranda Bunker, Michael Carroll, Leah Chambers, Zakery Cilley, Nathan Clark, Joshua Cushman, Alieshia Elwell, Mark Grass, Christopher Harriman, Sabrina Harriman, Kelsey Joseph, Neil Kirby, Noah Klewin, Sarah Leathers, Carmen Lord, Robert McKinney Jr., Jeffrey Miller, Darrien Mitchell, Samantha Moores, Kayla Noble, Blaed Peaslee, Aleahnah Pomeroy, Jeffrey Redmond, Donna Reed, Dorothy Rego, Devin Richards, Marcus Riley, Vanessa Roberts, Kendra Ryan, Emily Secotte, Jensen Sheafe, Mikaela Slagger, Bethani Sprague, Taylor Stevens, Garrett Sweetland, Ian Sweetland, Andrew Tuttle, Daniel Weiss, Doug Wich.