City councilors expressed a desire to discuss the possibility of installing security cameras along the Harbor Walk during a future meeting.

The discussion about the security cameras was addressed by Councilor Mike Hurley who said he supports the installation of the devices, especially in the wake of acts of vandalism that were committed on New Year's Eve.

At that time, an unknown individual or individuals shot BB's into a number of the glass globes for the lights that run along Front Street to illuminate the Harbor Walk.

Hurley, who brought in a security camera system that he said cost about $139 and would be capable of capturing an image of a passing vehicle's license plate, noted a number of local businesses have similar security systems in place. He also pointed out that the businesses are not necessarily reviewing the security camera footage on a regular basis, and are instead looking at the recordings only if there is some kind of incident.

Councilor Roger Lee agreed with Hurley's points about security cameras except for how much money the city should spend to have them installed. Hurley had stated he did not believe the city would need to spend as much as $75,000 — an estimate the city received when considering the cameras previously — when there were less expensive options available.

Lee said he believed the city should pay for the cameras that will provide the highest quality image.

Hurley also pointed out the city will need to consider whether it wants a stand-alone system, meaning the cameras will have individual hard drives that the images are recorded to, or one where all of the cameras can be monitored simultaneously from a centralized location. He then suggested the issue be addressed in the future when a more in-depth conversation could take place.

Before discussion ended on the issue, Councilor Eric Sanders suggested involving Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden in the council's discussions.