The following are the recent results from play at Northport Golf Club:

On Jan. 8 in a pro am (two best balls of four), Bob Delio, Jack Johnson, Dave Wentworth and Barry Hopkins finished first gross 149; Randy Berry, Jeff Shula, Greg McDaniel and Dave Sprowl, second gross 154; Tim Riley, Josh Nougaret, Don Pendergast and Elaine Bielenberg, first net 120; and Jake Thompson, Harvey Peterson, Lee Robinson, Phil Bowen, second net 123.

In Class A, Jake Thompson finished first gross 75; Randy Berry, second gross 77; Moe Eastman, third gross 82; Tim Riley, fourth gross 83; Josh Nougaret, first net 66; and Bob Delio, Larry Quinn and Dick Clements, tied second net 68. The pin winners were: Noah Goldstein, 32-0 on the third hole; John Lloyd Still, 27-0 on the ninth; and Moe Eastman, 30-0 on the 18th.

In Class B, Cecil Eastman and Frank Field finished tied first gross 82; Dave Wentworth and Greg McDaniel, tied second gross 88; Barry Hopkins, first net 60; Tom Kent, second net 71; and Lee Robinson and Jerry Savitz, tied third net 72.

The pin winners were: Frank Field, 7-2 on the the third; Lee Robinson, 10-3 on the ninth; Cecil Eastman, 4-1 on the 12th; and Frank Field, 12-10 on the 18th.

On June 4 in twilight league play, for Class A, Randy Berry finished first gross 37; Moe Eastman, second gross 38; Jesse Johnson, third gross 39; Mike Knox, first net 34; and Jeff Dutch, Paul Doody, Harvey Peterson and Jeff Shula, tied second net 35. The pin winners were: Frank Field, 48-0 on the 12th; and Mike Knox, 14-10 on the 18th.

In Class B, Jon Ohlsen finished first gross 43; Loren Van Ness and Cecil Eastman, tied second gross 49; David Sprowl, first net 33; Brian Beaulieu, second net 34; and Jerry Savitz and Bill Farris, tied third net 41. The pin winner was: Jon Ohlsen, 9-5 on the 18th.