Law enforcement officials with the Searsport Police Department reported the following recent activity.

May 19

Harmony Palmer, 25, of Searsport, violating conditions of release.

May 20

Anthony Fraser, 52, of Searsport, operating an unregistered vehicle greater than 150 days.

May 22

Joshua Blaine, 24, of Bangor, parking violation.

Russell Lancaster, 49, of Searsport, attaching false plates.

May 24

Thomas Littlefield, 22, of Searsport, failure to provide proof of insurance.

Glenn Allen, 51, of Belfast, inspection sticker violation.

May 25

Dustin Sawyer, 19, of Stockton Springs, inspection sticker violation.

May 26

Constance Ethier, 45, of Searsport, arrested on a probation hold.

Ashely Springer, 19, of Winterport, operating without a license.

May 27

Laura O'Brien, 45, of Searsport, theft.

May 28

Warren Harriman, 54, of Belfast, operating an unregistered motor vehicle for greater than 150 days.

Robert Jones, 48, of Stockton Springs, operating out of season with studded tires.

May 29

Monica Damon, 39, of Stockton Springs, inspection sticker violation, failure to provide proof of insurance, failure to register motor vehicle for greater than 30 days but less than 150 days.

May 31

Bonnie Wing, 49, of Searsport, inspection sticker violation.

Linda Murray, 58, of South Bristol, inspection sticker violation.

Tony Adams, 36, of Orrington, inspection sticker violation.

June 2

Bradley Simms, 28, of Stockton Springs, violating conditions of release, driving to endanger.

June 3

Edward Philbrook, 43, of Belmont, operating with an expired license for less than 90 days.

June 5

Peter Blauth, 52, of Bar Harbor, inspection sticker violation.

Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye issued a reminder to drivers this week noting that state law dictates motorists must use their headlights in addition to their windshield wipers during inclement weather.

Readers are reminded that an arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.