June 10, 1853

“By the way of Bangor we learn of the descent of an army of caterpillars upon the village of Frankfort. Millions of them occupied the fences and destroyed the foliage of forty oaks. It was enough to make one ‘crawl all over,’ as they say. These insects may be destroyed in the following manner: steep a pound of tobacco in a gallon of water; then take a syringe, and holding the mouth of the creature open, eject a quantity of the fluid powerfully down its throat, The thing will soon become non est. Mr. Sayward of the Whig says the pestiferous things have also appeared in the city of Bangor.”

June 14, 1894

“The Cunningham triplets are now four years old, and on Friday last they were weighed at Swift & Paul’s. Their united weight was 107 ½ pounds, and individual weights as follows: Rena, 36 pounds; Ralph, 38 pounds; Roy, 33 ½ pounds. Roy, the smallest weighed only 3 ½ pounds at birth, while Ralph weighed 5 pounds.”

“Letter carriers Thompson and Carter have received their new uniforms, but Mr. Eaton’s has not arrived. City Marshal Kimball has also appeared in his new suit. The police and City Marshal’s uniforms were provided by Owen Bros. of this city, and the letter carriers’ by a firm in Baltimore.”

“Complaint has been made in regard to ball playing within the city limits on Sunday, and the City Marshal is to enforce the laws in relation thereto.”

June 12, 1930

Band Day Saturday Is Also Flag Day

“All is in readiness for Band Day here next Saturday. Tags for the benefit of the band will be on sale on the city streets throughout the day, each one of which will carry a number, a great many of which will draw prizes given from the stocks of Belfast merchants. The prizes will be drawn at the dance by the band in the Opera House in the evening. Several band concerts will be given on the streets during the day. June 14 is National Flag Day, as well as Band Day in Belfast. The displays of flags, especially those in the sidewalks in the business section, should be a pleasing feature for visitors here for the day.”

“Just Received for Band Day Sale – A Splendid Assortment of Elephants. Call and see them at 25 Main St. Fred T. Chase, Jeweler”

Playing at the Colonial Theatre as part of ‘All Talkie Week’ : “The Isle of Lost Ships” with Virginia Valli, Jason Robards and Noah Beery, and Ronald Colman in “Bulldog Drummond.”

June 13, 1974

At Belfast High School

By Denis L. Howard

“At the annual spring awards assembly last Thursday, Clarence Merryfield (Athletic Director) presented Jane Brier the girl athlete of the year award. Miss Brier, Class of 1974, participated in three sports throughout her high school career. Gregory Dutch, Class of 1975, was named boy athlete of the year. Dutch participated in football, wrestling, and track. Both Brier and Dutch were dedicated disciplined athletes. Merryfield also presented Richard Dawson with the Athletic Service Award sponsored by the Fire Department. Medals were presented to Brian Horne, Ricky Jenness, and Sharon Fuller for their outstanding contribution to athletics at Belfast Area High School.”