A 31-year-old Searsport man, operating a paving company under the name F. Cameron and Son, was cited for five violations, including home repair fraud, said police.

Fred Cameron was investigated and later charged by Rockland Police Detective Russell Thompson June 11 after an advocate for a senior citizen victim, who had work done on her driveway, reported inconsistencies in the contract and in the product.

The five citations are misdemeanor offenses.

Thompson said he cannot say Cameron was targeting senior citizens specifically, but said the three alleged victims approached by Cameron were senior citizens.

Cameron resurfaced two driveways, and did not work on a third, but had priced the work, he said. The work was done on Gay Street and Broadway, said Thompson.

The pricing was inconsistent, and according to Thompson, had no rhyme or reason. Thompson said the pricing was not necessarily unfair, but unusual.

Costs ranged from $1,100 to $1,500, for completed work, but the more expensive bill was for a driveway that was less work than the cheaper priced job, said Thompson.

Cameron, when providing a cost estimate, told one customer if he was to resurface that person's driveway right away, it would cost $1,000, but if the customer waited a period of time, and he had to come back, the price would be $1,800.

Thompson said Cameron is properly licensed to operate a paving company, but is not allowed to go door-to-door and attempt to gain business as he is not licensed to do so. The state requires a separate license to sell a product door to door.

As Cameron is based in Searsport, he is allowed to go around town in that manner and recruit customers, but as none of his business is based out of  Rockland, he is not allowed to do approach customers door-to-door in the city, said Thompson.

State law also requires door-to-door sellers of home repairs to inform potential customers there is a mandatory three-days waiting period before any work can start, and this stipulation must appear on the contract.

Cameron will appear in Sixth District Court July 28.

A message seeking comment from Cameron was not immediately returned.

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