Now that warmer summer weather has finally arrived, Northport Golf Club play has continued with uninterrupted play in recent days.

On June 22 in a pro am team event, Moe Eastman, Harvey Peterson, Mike Rovinski and Peter Doran combined to finish first gross 150; and Steve Stanford, Dick Clements, Barry Hopkins and Dave Sprowl first net 118. In sweeps, Moe Eastman finished first gross 71; Jake Thompson, second gross 73; Harvey Peterson, third gross 84; Dave Sprowl, first net 67; and Cecil Eastman and Barry Hopkins, tied second net 69. The pin winners were: Steve Stanford, 25 feet 9 inches on the third hole; Dick Clements, 7-8 on the ninth; Steve Stanford, 8-9 on the 12th; and Barry Hopkins, 12-9 on the 18th.

On June 19 in women's play, Brenda Barrett finished first net 29; Sue Gordon, second net 30; and Phyllis Gaul and Elaine Bielenberg, tied third net 33.

On June 18 in scotch foursome play, Moe Eastman and Vivian Fuller finished first gross 38; Alex Fritz and Shirley Caler, as well as Phil Bowen and Joan Bowen, and Mike Rovinski and Alison Hawthorne, tied first net 32; and Jim Desmarteau and Lisa Desmarteau, as well as Art Leclair and Sally Leclair, tied fourth net 34. Cecil Eastman and Loretta Eastman received the lucky draw.

On June 17 in twilight league play, in Class A, Randy Berry and Moe Eastman tied first gross 37; Mike Knox, third gross 40; Mike Marshall, fourth gross 41; Chris Tibbetts and Greg McDaniel, tied first net 34; Barry Porter, third net 35; and Steve Stanford, fourth net 36. The pin winners were: Randy Berry, 12-1 on the 12th; and Bert Bailey, 5-9 on the 18th.

In Class B, Jon Ohlsen finished first gross 45; Duke Marston and Ken Gordon, tied second gross 46; Ben Bailey, fourth gross 48; Warren Westbo and Loren Van Ness, tied first net 33; and Tom Lane, third net 38. The pin winners were: Cecil Eastman, 19-1 on the 12th; and Jon Ohlsen 15-8 on the 18th.