The planning board approved amending an existing site plan to allow the construction of a new and larger Dunkin' Donuts restaurant on Starrett Drive.

As proposed, the new building will be approximately 2,080 square feet and will be repositioned on the lot where the current building is located. During construction of the new building, the existing Dunkin' Donuts will remain open.

In terms of aesthetics, the new Dunkin' Donuts will have a more muted color scheme when compared to the existing building. An entry tower on the building will start out with darker colors at the bottom before it gradually lightens in color at the top. The effect is intended to simulate what a cup of coffee looks like and better advertise the product the business sells, according to previously published reports.

The new building will also have a larger drive-thru that will accommodate up to 15 vehicles, as required by the Department of Transportation and Dunkin' Donuts' corporate office, which should alleviate some of the current traffic issues.

During a second review of the project Wednesday, June 18, Scott Brayley of Plymouth Engineering told members of the planning board he submitted a revised plan to address issues raised by the board during a previous meeting.

Those revisions included two options for a three-foot-wide berm that was adjacent to the drive-thru lane of the new building. One of the questions previously asked by the planning board was whether that berm could be widened to serve as a sidewalk for pedestrians walking to the front entrance to the building.

Brayley explained the first option considered was to widen the berm from three feet to five feet to “make it a viable sidewalk.” That option would eliminate two parking spaces and instead install two plantings.

The second, and more preferred option, would widen the berm from three feet to seven feet, which would accommodate a five-foot-wide sidewalk and a two-foot landscaping strip, Brayley said.

In order to accommodate the sidewalk and the landscaping strip, Brayley said the planning board would need to grant a waiver to 24-foot driving aisles between the parking spaces between Dunkin' Donuts and VIP from the required 26-foot-wide driving aisles.

Planning board members said they supported the proposed changes to the site plan before granting a waiver to reduce the driving aisles from 26 feet to 24 feet. The planning board then voted unanimously to approve the overall site plan for the project.