The Midcoast Babe Ruth League has hit its midway point, with several teams already seemingly staking their claims as the top squads among the nine Midcoast baseball teams.

Recent regular-season scores included: Union Farm Equipment 11, Camden 1; Rockland Café 9, Camden 2; Swan Lake Grocery 15, Wiscasset Merchants 1; Waldo County 4, Damariscotta Lions 1; Rockport 5, Union Farm Equipment 2; Swan Lake Grocery 5, Rockland Café 1; Union Farm Equipment 7, Damariscotta Lions 5; and Rockport 10, Waldoboro 8.

The league standings as of June 23 were: Swan Lake Grocery 6-1, Rockland Café 6-1, Waldo County 5-1, Rockport 4-3, Damariscotta Lions 3-5, Waldoboro 3-4, Union Farm Equipment 3-6, Wiscasset Merchants 2-3 and Camden 0-7.

Click for photos from the Camden at Rockland Café game.

Click for photos from the Rockport at Union Farm Equipment game.

Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116. All results published are what VillageSoup has received on a particular game.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Rockland Café 9, Camden 2

At Thomaston June 22, the hosts bested visiting Camden by seven runs. Rockland Café scored five in the first and two in the third and sixth innings, while Camden scored two runs in the fourth.

Leading the hosts at the plate were Coby Dorr (triple, single), Anthony Moore (double), Connor Harvey (single) and Titus Kaewthong (single). For Camden, Conrad Crans (double) paced the offense.

Jack Freeman went six innings on the hill for Rockland Café, while Anthony Moore tossed an inning of relief. The duo allowed three hits and three walks, with 11 strikeouts. Jacson Mooers and Daniel Peabody pitched for Camden, allowing six hits and three walks, with six strikeouts.

Waldo County 5, Damariscotta Lions 1

At Searsport June 22, the hosts scored three runs in the first inning and never trailed en route to victory. Waldo County also scored one run in the fourth, as did the Damariscotta Lions.

Leading the hosts at the dish were Mitchell Philbrook (2 singles, 2 RBIs, run), Kyle Moore (single, RBI), Max Thomas (single, RBI), Brandon Smith (single, run), Barrett Grant (run) and Emmett Shell (run).

For the visitors, Andrew Martin (double, single, run), Chad Carter (double, RBI), Cody Tozier (single), Jacob Maker (single) and Lucas Kelsey (single) paced the offense.

Colby Furrow, Smith and Shell pitched for Waldo County, allowing six hits and two walks, with eight strikeouts.

Baker Gove and Cody Tozier pitched for Damariscotta Lions, allowing five hits and three walks, with six strikeouts.

Swan Lake Grocery 5, Rockland Café 1

At Belfast June 20, Swan Lake knocked Rockland Café from the ranks of the unbeaten and prevailed by four runs. Swan Lake Grocery scored twice in the first and thrice in the third, while the visitors scored one run in the second.

Lucien Gordley-Smith, Peter Spectre and Skylar Perkins pitched for the hosts, allowing four hits and four walks, with 10 strikeouts. Logan Sheridan went the distance for Rockland Café, allowing six hits and one walk, with six strikeouts.

Anthony Moore and Mitchell Delfrate singled for Rockland Café, while Nathaniel Johnson, Grey Dinsmore, Ian Snowdeal and Zach Dyer each singled and Lucien Gordley-Smith, Garrett Hamlin and Tristan Roberts doubled.

Rockport 5, Union Farm Equipment 2

At Waldoboro June 22, the visitors came away with a three-run victory over UFE. Rockport scored two in the second and three in the sixth, while UFE scored one run in the second and third innings.

Leading Rockport at the plate were Jesse Fraser (single), Jack Poutasse (single, run), Isaac Hall (single, run), Brandon Debrosky (2 RBIs, run), Spencer Johndro (2 RBIs) and Nick Denny (3 singles).

For UFE, Patrick Madden (single, run), Riley McCollett (single, RBI), Ryan Simmons (single), Adam Wilcox (2 singles, run) and Duncan Morrell (RBI) paced the offense.

Denny went the distance for Rockport, allowing five hits and one walk, with eight strikeouts. Madden and Wilcox pitched for UFE, allowing a combined six hits and two walks, with 12 strikeouts.

Rockport 10, Waldoboro 8

At Rockport June 20, Rockport scored at least one run in each inning and prevailed by two runs over the visitors. Rockport scored one run in the first, second, third and fourth frames, while adding four in the fifth and two in the sixth. Waldoboro scored three in the second, two in the third and fourth innings and one in the seventh.

Leading Rockport at the plate were Cam Gushee (2 runs), Ionut Lodge (single), Nick Denny (RBI), Brandon Debrosky (2 runs), Jesse Fraser (run, RBI), Lucas Boetsch (run), Spencer Johndro (single, run), Ethan Cayouette (single, RBI) and Jack Poutasse (3 singles, 2 RBIs, 2 runs).

For Waldoboro, Ollie Brown (2 singles, RBI), Wyatt Post (single, run), Owen Gilbert (single, run), Cameron Robinson (single, run), Isaac Eutsler (2 runs, RBI), Adam Eutsler (single, 2 runs, 2 RBIs) and Brent Stewart (single, run) paced the offense.

Fraser and Debrosky pitched for Rockport, allowing seven hits and six walks, with three strikeouts. Stewart White pitched for Waldoboro, allowing six hits and four walks, with three strikeouts.