After meeting in executive session, the Board of Selectmen authorized town attorney Sally Daggett to pursue an action for contempt of court with resident Richard Rosenberg in conjunction with the court case titled State of Maine, Department of Environmental Protection, et al., v. Richard Rosenberg.

Rosenberg had been found guilty of violating town ordinances and state environmental laws, but has so far refused to remediate the violations, said Town Administrator David Kinney.

In other business, the Board renewed the appointments of municipal employees. When it came to Harbor Master Mike Hutchings and Deputy Harbor Master Kendall Smith, Selectman Rosey Gerry asked to table the appointments until the Board could hold a workshop with the two men and the Harbor Committee to discuss harbor-related issues.

Hutchings, who was present, said he was in favor of a workshop, but he had things going on at the harbor that would be hard to interrupt should his appointment expire before the workshop could be held.

After further discussion, the Board decided to meet Monday, June 30, at 6 p.m., to discuss what they wanted on the agenda for a workshop, and would ask the Harbor Committee to do the same at its July 3 meeting. In the meantime, Kinney is to make sure that Hutchings' and Smith's appointments will remain in effect until either they are re-appointed or someone else is appointed in their place.

The Board also filled a number of vacancies on town boards, commissions and committees. The following people were appointed: Mike Hutchings and Terry Moulton for three-year terms and James Greeley for a one-year term as an alternate on the Board of Appeals; Donald Heald of The Lincolnville Band for a two-year term and Donald Heald IV of the Recreation Commission for a three-year term as Breezemere Park Bandstand Trustees; Cecil Dennison for a three-year term and Corelyn Senn for a one-year term as an alternate on the Cemetery Committee; Robert Bateman for a three-year term on the Conservation Commission; Jason Trundy and James Sinclair for one-year terms on the EMS Performance Review Committee; MaryAnn Mercier for a three-year term on the Financial Advisory Committee; Shane Laprade and Brian Cronin for three-year terms on the Harbor Committee; Alexander Lyle, Whitney Oppersdorff, Tony Oppersdorff, Karen Good, Richard Lenfest, Jill Glover, Richard Sanderson and Gary Gulezian for one-year terms on the Lakes and Ponds Committee; Ernest Littlefield for a three-year term on the Megunticook Dam Committee; Cecil Dennison, Rosey Gerry, James Greeley, Everett Fizer and Alexander Lyle to the Memorial Day Parade Committee; Selectman Art Durity for a three-year term on the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation Board of Directors; Jay Foster for a one-year term as an alternate on the Planning Board; Michael Kremin and Tom Moody for three-year terms on the Recreation Commission; John Black, Chris Osgood, Rob Newcombe, Diane O'Brien, Will Brown and Bradford Payne for one-year terms on the Route 1 Advisory Committee; Rosey Gerry, Sanford Delano, Everett Fizer, William Brown, Cecil Dennison, Gary Neville, Donald Heald IV and Cynthia Dunham for one-year terms on the Veterans' Memorial Committee; Vicki Eugley and Sandra Thomas for three-year terms on the Wage and Personnel Policy Board.

The Board noted that many vacancies still exist and invited residents to contact the Town Office for more information.

Richard McLaughlin, co-owner of The Lobster Pound, volunteered to be a parking enforcement officer at Lincolnville Beach. He said available public parking fills up early in the morning by people coming over from Islesboro or going to the island for the day, who exceed the four-hour parking limit. He would like to keep parking available for people going to businesses at the Beach, or using the beach.

Several of the selectmen were concerned about a possible appearance of conflict of interest, since McLaughlin's business is adjacent to the public parking lot at the Beach. Gerry asked McLaughlin if he knew of anyone else without a vested interest who might be willing to take on the job.

“I don't know anybody that wants to volunteer to do anything for nothing,” McLaughlin replied. He noted that parking enforcement would not favor any particular business, or any other use.

Board Chairman Ladleah Dunn said the fact that the volunteer job had not been advertised could contribute to the appearance of a conflict. The Board agreed to advertise the position for a week and make an appointment when it meets June 30.

In addition, the Board heard from Nanette Gionfriddo, owner of Beyond the Sea gift and book store in Lincolnville Beach. She complained that drivers ignore the speed limit and the crosswalks in the Beach's business area, and said she was concerned pedestrians could be hurt. She asked that the town buy pedestrian crossing signs and place them in the three crosswalks in the Beach area of Route 1 to remind drivers to slow down.

Board members were sympathetic to the problem described by Gionfriddo, but skeptical about her proposed remedy. Selectman Cathy Hardy said she opposed the signs because she felt they created a hazard for drivers. “I think they're more trouble than they're worth,” she said.

Dunn said she was afraid signs in the crosswalks would give pedestrians a false sense of security that might cause them to “leap into the crosswalks like gazelles.”

Selectman Art Durity suggested altering existing roadside signs at either end of the Beach business strip to warn motorists of the approaching crosswalks.

Kinney will research different types of signs that can be placed at the side of the road to urge drivers to slow down in that area.

In other business, the Board approved a letter of support for the Lincolnville Sewer District's grant request to the Northern Border Regional Commission.

It also directed Kinney to seek sealed bids for two wooden town floats that have been replaced, as well as miscellaneous office furniture and equipment.

Selectmen voted to enter into an agreement for an appraisal of potential damages to be paid to affected homeowners if the town discontinues Martin Corner Road, Thorndike Road and Albert Blood Road.

Finally, Kinney announced that administrative assistant Cheryl Ten Broeck will retire as of July 20, and the Board accepted her resignation with regret.