Ellsworth Building Supply received approval from the planning board to demolish an existing showroom on its 30 Belmont Ave. property and add parking in its place.

By demolishing the existing showroom on the property, EBS will be able to add 17 parking spaces on its property, Alina Watt, of Hedefine Engineering and Design explained to members of the planning board. She said the additional parking should not significantly change drainage patterns on the property, but it should help with traffic flow.

The company previously approached the city in February seeking approval to demolish an existing 6,700 square foot warehouse and construct a 15,500 square foot drive-thru warehouse in its place. That project received approval and Watt said construction of the new warehouse is now underway.

Assistant City Planner Sadie Lloyd briefed planning board members on the parking standards that would apply to EBS's proposal. City ordinances require EBS to provide a minimum of 30 spaces — the business currently has 38 spaces — and the 17 additional parking would bring the total to 55 spaces.

Questions about the application primarily focused on the landscaping on the property and whether EBS would add any plantings. Watt said there is landscaping that already exists near the proposed new parking area, but there could be more plantings added.

Planning board member Wayne Corey commented that he was fine with the current level of landscaping on the property, stating additional plantings may obstruct the entrances and exits.

The application was approved with the condition that EBS work with the city's planning office to create a landscaping plan for the property.

No one spoke for or against the project during a brief public hearing.