This is the 20th year that The Republican Journal has published essays from second graders at the Kermit Nickerson School, in which each child explains why they are special.

The students in Mrs. Rhonda Bishop Wood's second grade at the Nickerson School in Swanville would like to dedicate their special pieces to Terrie Seekins, our custodian. She keeps our school clean and lets us help her put up the flag and empty the waste baskets. We think she is awesome!

Super Aunt

By Jaden

Who's the aunt? I'm the aunt! I have two nieces and one step-niece. Their names are Aubree, Annabelle and Natasha. Aubree is turning two on the 28th but her party is on the 21st at the park. Okay enough of that.

Now let's talk about my best friend Kiya. I love going to her house and playing in the backyard. My mom is going to call her mom so we can have a sleepover.

Excusez-moi! I never told you about Alyana. She just turned four last week. She loves La La Loopsi and likes to scream a lot.

I have a big announcement to make. My brother and his fiancee just found out that they are expecting a baby.

I'm the BEST aunt in the world!


By Kiya

I'm special because my aunt and Mommy wanted me to be a girl and not a boy. I am eight years old. I was born in 2006. My favorite color is purple. I have four cats and two dogs. My favorite thing to do is go on a walk with my dog Kida. I am good at being a big sister. My biggest pet peeve is when my sister Alayna takes my belongings and runs away with them. Math is my favorite subject at school. When people get stuck on their laptops I help them.

Because I'm special

By Cameron

I love Star Wars because I have all the movies. I collect Star Wars mini-figures. Anakin is my favorite character because he is smart like me. I'm really good at playing my Dad's Play Station 3. Rabbits are my favorite animal because they are cuddly. I am very creative. I can imagine my own world where I would be the president.

I am special

By Kristin

I am special because I have a guitar, roller blades, a box of toys, a doll house, a lot of dollies, a wonderful school, a nice home, a great dad, a kind sister and I had a loving mom. I am very good at singing, playing the guitar and roller blading. I share a lot with my friends because I care about everybody.

I am a genius

By Damian Lee Whitmore

I am good at video games. I beat Call of Duty Black Ops three times. My Dad beat Diablo III five times, but I only beat it one time without clearing the map. I am special because I like all kinds of animals like black rhinos, geckos, Gila monsters, road runners, Draco lizards and African crested porcupines. I watch "Wildkrats" every school day. My dog Remy and I play catch. Every time I throw the ball he runs after it.

What makes me special?

By Connor

I am special because I am good at playing X Box games. I'm also good at Lego games like Batman and Indiana Jones. I am special because I can ride my stunt bike and do tricks like pop-a-wheelies and backflips. I like to collect cars and trucks. A lot of them are collector's items. I'm smart in math especially in adding and taking away.

Create-a-car is my favorite laptop game.

All about me

By Randy

I am special because I have a nice teacher. That's why I am special. I love school. It is fun at school. It is awesome. I have a high school buddy. Her name is Meggie. She makes me feel special because she reads with me every week. I love to read and do math. I love laptops. I love art because my family has lots of talent. Coloring and drawing are my favorite kinds of art.

The secrets of me and my dog Duke

By Jazmyn

Me and my dog Duke feel special because we are nice. How Duke acts nice is that he licks my feet when I get out of the tub. He races with my sister, my brother, my cousins and me. My team rides bikes and he runs. Duke usually beats us. Duke is a very very fast runner. When I go to my Grammy's house he runs to see me and sniffs me. Sometimes I hug him. He has a small curly tail that wags when he's happy. I feed him and care for him. Duke is my special dog.

Special helper

By Anthony

My friends make me feel special because they inspire me to do anything I dream I can do. They encourage me to help everybody I can help! I could help you at art, reading, math, and writing. I like helping people with math when they have trouble.

My family is special because they support me. My mother taught me to be nice not grumpy. My brother Corey plays with me when I feel down or sad. I want to be a singer like him and learn how to play the guitar. I hope to be a music teacher when I grow up.

Gideon can sing

By Gideon

I am special because I can sing really good! I was born with talent. My family sings at the meetings when we say our prayers. I sing to myself when I'm playing alone. Rock music is the best thing I can do. I'd like to use my talent to create some songs. My dream is to sing on a stage in Miami.

I am special because…

By Sylis

I am special because

I have a wonderful mom.

She was born in England.

I was born in Maine.

I am special because

I like to learn about flags.

I love the American flag!

It stands for freedom.

I am special because

I am getting guitar lessons.

I am good at X Box 360

on Guitar Hero.

I am special

because I am good at

helping Terrie clean the school.

We wash the tables in the library and

collect the garbage from the classrooms.