Belfast police arrested a 34-year-old Belfast man on charges of Class B burglary and theft after a reported residential break-in on Swan Lake Avenue Friday, June 27 in which a gun and various personal items went missing.

Joshua Paradis was arrested after Officer Matthew Cook and Sgt. John Gibbs completed a brief investigation, which began after the homeowners called police to report the break-in.

Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said the homeowners had been away from home for a few hours Friday and discovered that their door had been kicked in upon their return.

The homeowners initially reported two guns missing from the home — a .357 Smith and Wesson revolver and a Walther .22 caliber handgun — but McFadden said the homeowners called police back to report they had found the .22 inside their house after they called police.

"It wasn't where it was supposed to be because it had been moved, and that's why they reported it missing," said McFadden.

Police later learned that Paradis, who is related to the complainants, had been visiting at their home earlier in the day.

After executing a search warrant at Paradis' residence on Miller Street, McFadden said the officers found the missing .375 as well as some other personal items from the home such as photographs.

After recovering the missing property, McFadden said the officers arrested Paradis and transported him to Waldo County Jail.