Member-member and twilight league play was the latest on-the-course action at the Northport Golf Club.

On June 29 in member-member play, for men, Corey Chase and Bill Farris finished first gross 59; Mike Knox and Bert Bailey, as well as Jamie Place and Chad Place, tied second gross 62; Lefty Homans and Dick Clements, fourth gross 63; Moe Eastman and Barry Hopkins, as well as Jeff Dutch and Barry Porter, tied fifth gross 64; and Tim Riley and Don Pendergast, as well as Larry Quinn and Terry Fancy, tied for seventh gross 65.

The pin winners were: Dick Clements, 1 foot 9 inches on the third hole; Terry Whitney, 48-0 on the ninth; Craig Mudge, 34-11 on the 12th; and Jeff Dutch, 9-2 on the 18th.

For women, Elaine Bielenberg and Janet White finished first gross 65; Sue Hodgkins and Roxie Whitney, second gross 67; and Val Doody and Beth Baker, along with Shirley Caler and Annie Pickford, tied third gross 74.

The pin winners were: Jenna Caler, 30-9 on the 12th; and Lisa Desmarteau, 19-5 on the 18th.

On June 24 in twilight league play, for Class A, Jesse Johnson finished first gross 36; Terry Whitney, second gross 41; Chris Tibbetts, third gross 42; Jeff Dutch, fourth gross 43; Randy Berry and Moe Eastman, tied first net 35; and Alex Fritz, Steve Stanford and Frank Field, tied third net 36. The pin winners were: Moe Eastman, 10-9 on the third; and Dave Potvin, 6-3 on the ninth.

For Class B, Duke Marston finished first gross 45; Jerry Savitz and Tom Lane, tied second gross 47; Alden Overlock, fourth gross 48; Phil Bowen and Warren Westbo, tied first net 34; Bill Farris, third net 37; and Brian Beaulieu and Larry Jones, tied fourth net 38.