Summer Met Me

Summer met me in the glade,

With a host of fair princesses,

Golden iris, foxgloves staid,

Sunbeams flecked their gorgeous dresses.

Roses followed in her train,

Creamy elder-flowers beset me,

Singing, down the scented lane,

Summer met me! Summer met me! Harebells rang,

Honeysuckle clustered near,

As the royal pageant sang

Songs enchanting to the ear.

Rainy days may come apace,

Nevermore to grieve or fret me,

Since, in all her radiant grace,

Summer met me!

~By Fay Inchfawn

Fay Inchfawn is the pen name of Elizabeth Rebecca Ward, 1880-1978, of England, author of 39 books, the most well-known of which has the provocative title of The Verse-Book Of A Homely Woman (1920). She did not start writing until she was 39 years old. Summer Met Me exclaims the vivid exuberance of the season, to which we in the Midcoast can fully relate. It has been so long coming and so delightfully here. If you are partial to this type of classically crafted verse, Fay Inchfawn's charming work is all over the internet and would be very well worth a search.

The 10th Annual Belfast Poetry Festival sponsors the 5th Annual Maine Postmark Poetry Contest with an Aug. 1 deadline and a $100 first prize plus publication of the first place poem in Off The Coast — Maine's International Poetry Journal. Maine residents and everyone with access to a Maine post office or mailbox are eligible to enter. All entries must bear a Maine postmark and be postmarked on or by Aug. 1.

To enter, mail (no email submissions) one or more original and previously unpublished poems accompanied by a cover letter containing contact information (address, email, and phone), the title of the poem(s) and a check for $5 per poem made out to City of Belfast to:

Jacob Fricke, Belfast Poetry Festival

Attn: Maine Postmark Poetry Contest

P.O. Box 911 Belfast, ME 04915

Important: Poems should be sent without the poet’s name on the poem itself. The poets name should only be in the cover letter so that poems can be judged anonymously.

Gary Lawless, publisher of Blackberry Books and co-owner of Gulf of Maine Books, will judge. Winners only will be notified by Sept. 15. Winners will be invited to read the winning poems and be honored at the Belfast Poetry Festival in October 2014; first, second, third place and honorable mention poems will also be announced and published in the Maine press. The top 10 poems will be featured in Belfast art galleries during October as part of the festival’s Gallery Hunt.

The poetry column is curated by Ellen Sander, the Poet Laureate of Belfast who can be reached by email at