July 2, 1874

“Sch. Moses Eddy is loading at Railroad wharf for New York with deals that came over the road from Kendalls Mills. Robert Patterson is loading sch. Banner with hay for Hurricane Island. Bickford is loading sch. Mary W. Hupper with ice for Philadelphia.”

“The coals and ashes knocked out of a pipe among the chips at Carter’s shipyard kindled a lively fire a few days ago. The smoker was cautioned but was quite certain that his pipe would get nothing afire.”

June 2, 1908

“Another old house is undergoing renovation. What has long been known as the White house, corner of High and Miller streets, recently bought by Fred Timm, has been raised bodily, main house and L., re-silled and will have a new underpinning. The big old-fashioned chimney in the main house, containing almost brick enough to build a house, has been taken down and the interior of the house will be re-arranged and modernized. The location is a good one,, opposite the public library and near two churches, and the renovation of the old house will add greatly to the appearance of the neighborhood.”

“The steamer Castine will leave Lewis wharf Saturday, July 4th, at 8 o’clock a.m. for Camden, touching at Northport and Temple Heights, and will leave Camden on the return at 6 p.m. Fare for the round trip 75 cents. Camden has arranged a very attractive program for the 4th.”

July 5, 1956

“Wayne Johnson of Belfast has been named life guard at the swimming pool at Belfast City Park, Belfast City Manager Laurance Dow said Tuesday. Mrs. Katherine Spille, a qualified Red Cross instructor, of Clifton, N. J., and Bayside, will give swimming lessons during the month of July.”

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Trouble with Harry” staring Edmund Gyenn, John Forsythe and Shirley MacLaine, and “Man With the Gun” starring Robert Michum and Jan Sterling. Ending Thursday at the Belfast Drive-In Theatre: Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch.”

July 2, 1981

Happy Horse Shoe Club

“Frank Fuller of Dixmont demonstrated how to prepare a horse for a show and when to trim the horse’s hooves at the last meeting of the Happy Horse Shoe Club at the Jackson Show Ring. Fifteen club members were present. With his horse Brandi, Travis Ames demonstrated the right way to enter the ring in the halter class, how to stand and what to do while the judging is being done. It was decided to purchase a P. A system for the ring from proceeds from the July 11 dance at the Jackson Community Center.”