July 8, 1859

“Mr. Thomas Robinson of Montville, has shown us some curious productions of an apple tree upon his farm. The tree, on the first of July, being then full of young apples, suddenly became full of blossoms, as much so as when it first blossomed in the spring. These blossoms came out invariably on the new wood, which had started out from four to six inches. With its full crop of young apples, and it abundant promise of a second one, the tree presented a very curious appearance, and looked as though it would need all its energies to perfect the work laid out.”

July 10, 1890

“On Congress St., Belfast, reside the Democratic nominee for Governor; the Republican and Democratic nominees for Congress from the Third district; the Mayor of the city; the sheriff of the County; the Register of Probate; the Police Judge; the city clerk, and the residence of Hon. W. G. Frye, Consul General at Halifax is also on this street. Can any street of any other city in Maine boast so many officials and candidates.”

July 6, 1944

“Admiral Carleton F. Bryant, Deputy Commander of Naval Forces participating in the capture of enemy strongholds on the Cherbourg Peninsula is a resident of Searsport, a member of the First Congregation Church of that town and a Trustee of the Penobscot Marine Museum. Appropriately his white house on the Main Street is called Home Port. Mrs. Bryant and their daughter, Mrs. Harry Kelley (Betty Bryant) also the wife of a Naval officer, are remaining in Searsport. Both are active members of the Congregational Guild.”

“It may be worth while to start saving your money now to buy a new FM radio set after the war to take advantage of the broadcasting which eliminates all static and interference. But, from what we can learn, there is no hurry about putting money aside for a television set. Television will expand rapidly after the war, but, because of the complications of broadcasting it, only those people who live within 50 miles of a metropolitan city will be in the range where they will be able to have television programs reach their living rooms. Some experts say it will be ten years at least before television reaches rural America.”

July 11, 1991

“Doug McDonough, librarian at the Belfast Free Library for the last four years, is resigning to accept a position as a librarian in Manchester, Conn. The Library Board of Trustees will advertise in national publications for a replacement for McDonough.”

“A corner of the Stinson Seafood factory on Front Street was the victim in a vehicular hit-and-run accident reported to police the morning of July 4. Though no evidence was found at the scene indicating what kind of vehicle hit the building, police say they found black marks on the pavement, suggesting deliberate squealing of tires.”

Playing at the Colonial: Kevin Costner in “Robin Hood,” and “This Summer’s Blockbuster Comedy Hit!” “City Slickers.”