A $200,000 donation was recently received by Unity College from a family that wish to remain anonymous.

Family members have been familiar with the College since its early days.

The donors say they have been impressed with the strength of Unity College’s academic programs, campus improvements, and strong commitment to a leading-edge environmental mission that is training students to address the most pressing ecological problems of the 21st century.

“On behalf of the Unity College community, I would like to express our profound thanks and promise that our vibrant enterprise will continue to strive each day for excellence,” noted President Stephen Mulkey. “Our clarity of vision and purpose appealed to this family of donors. They have a particular interest in the sciences, which are flourishing at every level here.”

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, Executive Vice President and Liaison to the Board, oversees development efforts and has engaged in detailed conversations with donors and potential donors alike. He has seen a rising national and international tide of interest in the college from individuals and groups.

“What they share is an affinity for the singular character and vision of the College,” Khoury says."They believe the college will flourish in perpetuity, and that a gift to Unity College is an investment in the sustainability of the planet.”

Martha Nordstrom, Major Gifts Officer, says the family share the values that the College holds dear and understand the good that their donation will do.

“Unity College is true to itself and that is something these donors find to be very appealing,” Nordstrom said. “We are a college that is very focused on its mission and our supporters understand us very well. In a world that is complex and frequently confusing, donors find the clarity of our purpose to be both refreshing and inspirational.”