Mainely Motorsports Fan Appreciation Night was held Saturday, July 12 at Wiscasset Speedway. Steve Perry, the face of Mainely Motorsports, promotes racing and race car drivers from Maine and covers New England.

“The whole Maine racing community owes him a debt of gratitude for his coverage of the sport,” said Ken Minott, Wiscasset Speedway promoter.

Perry was on hand to speak with drivers and fans. He also interviewed drivers when they went to victory lane. “I am always welcomed with open arms here. The staff is amazing. It is an honor to sponsor this race event,” Perry said.

To see Perry and his coverage of race events head to Mainely Motorsports TV, which airs via Time Warner Cable on Channel 9 on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. The show also is available on Time Warner’s Video on Demand.

The Amsoil Nelcar Legends were racing at Wiscasset on Saturday, as well as regular Group One racing divisions, including Outlaw Minis, Pro Stocks, New England Four-Cylinder Pro Stocks and Napa Super Streets.

Prior to race time there was an opportunity for fans to go out onto the track and meet drivers, and get autographs. There also were children's bicycle races on the track, and the winners received trophies. There were numerous giveaways to celebrate Mainely Motorsports Fan Appreciation Night.

The spotlighted feature of the week was a 25-lap Amsoil Nelcar Legends Feature. Matthew Bourgoine was back at Wiscasset with the hope of winning yet another race. The current points leader in the series is Bourgoine. Bourgoine’s goal is to become the Legends points champion for the third year in a row.

When the Legend race began, Bourgoine was in the eighth starting position. He steadily gained ground on the track, and by lap two passed Matt Chagnot for third. Starting at the pole, and in the lead, was Alan Smith. Smith was second in points, behind Bourgoine. In second was Tylar Braunschweig. Braunschweig was fourth in points heading into the race.

During lap four, Bourgoine headed to the inside and passed Braunschweig for second. Coming up from his 10th starting position was Bob Weymouth. Weymouth passed Braunschweig on the inside of turn two during lap five for third. The following lap, Bourgoine passed Smith on the outside of turn four for the lead. Weymouth then passed Smith for second. Braunschweig passed Smith on turn four during lap six, and reclaimed third. However, Wyatt Alexander passed Braunschweig on turn two during lap 19 to take the third spot.

Bourgoine drove his car over the finish line in first. Weymouth placed second. Wyatt Alexander was third.

A 25-lap Outlaw Mini feature was quick and exciting. This division has seen six different feature winners in six different races. Starting on the pole was Shawn Kimball. Behind him were Zach Audet and Calvin Rose Jr. Kimball and Audet raced for first from the start. Behind them was the race for third. Rose held back the pack, but during lap 14, Jimmy Childs managed to pass Rose for third. However, Childs’ car got loose and Rose took the opportunity to reclaim third. Rose then suffered mechanical issues during lap 17, and headed to the pits. Childs took third.

Audet made several attempts to pass Kimball throughout the race. However, Kimball held him off the entire race, winning by just 1.7 seconds. Audet placed second and Childs third.

It was Kimball’s second Outlaw Mini win of the season. Kimball was third in points coming into Saturday’s race with 272. Nate Tribbet was second with 282 points. Points leader was Childs with 308.

A 30-lap Pro Stock race was a battle to the finish. Mike Orr was on the pole. Behind him were Dylan Turner and Adam Chadbourne. Turner got a good jump off the start and passed Orr for the lead. By turn three, Orr had claimed first. The pair battled for first and by lap two, Turner again was in the lead. A caution was called during lap two and the restart saw Bill Penfold head to the outside and pass both Chadbourne and Orr to claim second.

There was another caution during lap eight, and again the restart saw a position change. Scott Chubbuck passed Orr on the outside and moved to third. Chubbuck advanced up the track looking for second. Chubbuck steadily gained ground towards Penfold, and passed on the outside of turn three for second. Chubbuck set his sights on first, and caught up to Turner. The pair had gained a 10-car length lead over the rest of the pack.

With 10 laps remaining, Turner and Chubbuck raced for the win. Turner proved himself to be a force on the track when he held Chubbuck off, and drove his under the checkered in  was Turner’s first Pro Stock career win. Chubbuck placed second. Penfold was third.

Mike Orr was points leader coming into the race with 318. However, the points leaders were close. In second was Nick Hinkley with 316 points. Hinkley did not finish the race as the car was damaged when he made contact with John Rideout. In third was Bill Penfold with 314 points.

Postrace, Turner said, “It was all-and-all a good race. I was worried about Scott Chubbuck running me over. His car was that fast. It was good hard racing and I thought Chubbuck was going to get by me at some point. It was a good clean race. I would like to thank my mom and dad, my uncle Mike, Brian, Rich, Ricky, Tasha, Hank and Doug. I want to thank all my sponsors including AK&S Drywall and Andy B.”

An action-packed 25-lap New England Four Cylinder Pro Stock race was next on the agenda. This race saw six cautions and numerous leader changes. Starting at the pole was Jeff Prindall. Behind him were Dave Patten and Bob Patten.

The lead cars were in a pack racing for the lead, behind them the race was more interesting as both Ryan Hayes and Kamren Knowles drove their race cars from the back into the top five by lap four. There was a caution called, and on the restart Hayes passed Bob Patten on the back stretch for third. During lap five, Hayes passed Dave Patten for second on the inside of turn two. The following lap Hayes passed Prindall for the lead. Craig Dunn passed Dave Patten for third during lap six.

There was a caution during lap nine when Dunn and Prindall made contact coming out of turn three and sent both into a spin. Both were sent to the back. Hayes was still in the lead, but Dave Patten moved to second and James Bailey moved to third. On the restart, Hayes and Dave Patten fought for first. Kamren Knowles passed James Bailey for third.

There was another caution during lap 12. On the ensuing restart, Dave Patten took the lead and Hayes moved to second. Prindall had made his way back to the race leaders. Prindall and Kamren Knowles battled for third. The pair made contact heading into turn three, both spun around and slid backwards off the track on turn four. Another caution was called. Prindall and Knowles went to the back of the pack.

On the restart, Dave Patten was in the lead. In second was Hayes, and in third was Bob Patten. During lap 15 Dunn passed Bob Patten for third on the outside of turn two. Then Dunn passed Hayes on the inside of turn four for second. However, Dunn lost ground and Hayes again passed for second, and Kamren Knowles passed Dunn for third. Another caution was called.

When racing action resumed, Dave Patten and Hayes battled for first for six laps, each briefly taking the lead from the other. Then, Dave Patten got caught behind lap traffic and Hayes took the lead, Kamren Knowles followed Hayes and took second. Dunn moved up and claimed third. Dave Patten was in fourth. The leaders held strong, then, at the finish,

Kamren Knowles got caught in lap traffic and Patten passed Dunn and Kamren Knowles to take second. Hayes placed first and Kamren Knowles third. It was Hayes' first NEFCP career win. Hayes was fourth in points coming into the race, with 244. In first was Jeff Prindall with 320 points. In second ws Kamren Knowles with 310. In third was Craig Dunn with 260 points.

The last race of the night was an exciting 25-lap Napa Super Street feature. Starting on point was Adam Chadbourne. James Osmond and Kevin Morse were behind him. Off the start, Josh Bailey passed Morse for third. Bailey moved up the track and challenged Chadbourne for first. Bailey moved inside and got under Chadbourne and the duo raced neck and neck for eight laps. Then, during lap nine Bailey got loose and Chadbourne passed and took the lead.

Chadbourne led for one lap, then as he was coming out of turn four, his car experienced a mechanical failure and he drove head long into the front stretch wall, flipping his car. It was a tense moment as safety crews ran to check on him. Chadbourne emerged from the wreck unscathed and waved to the fans who cheered for him, glad that he was not hurt. It was determined Chadbourne had snapped his tie rod end which caused the crash.

When racing resumed on the track, Bailey was in the lead. Osmond was in second. Moving up to third was Shawn Austin. Race leaders remained constant until the finish. Bailey took the win. Osmond placed second. Austin was third. It was Bailey’s second win of the season. Bailey was fourth in points coming into Saturday’s race, with 264. In first was Adam Chadbourne with 324. In second was James Osmond with 314. Third in points was Dan Nessmith with 282.

The individual race results from July 12 were:

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (25 laps) — 1, Mathew Bourgoine, Newport; 2, Bob Weymouth, Topsham; 3, Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth; 4, Tylar Braunschweig, West Newfield; 5, Matt Grant, Windham; 6, Alan Smith, Lincoln; 7, Matt Chagnot, Derry N.H.; 8, Ivan Kaffel, Raymond; 9, Terry Kirk, Durham; 10, Darren Johnson, Pembroke N.H.; 11, Cole Harrison, Durham; 12, Nate Tribbet, Richmond; and 13, Casey Nash, Richmond.

Outlaw Mini (25 laps) — 1, Shawn Kimball, Augusta; 2, Zach Audet, Skowhegan; 3, Jimmy Childs. Leeds; 4, Nate Tribbet, Richmond; 5, George Fortin, Greene; 6, Edward Archer Jr., Clinton; 7, Calvin Rose Jr., Turner; 8, Dixon Smith, Sidney; and 9, Ryan Glover, Mexico.

Pro Stock (30 laps) — 1, Dylan Turner, Freedom; 2, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 3, Bill Penfold, Oxford; 4, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 5, Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich; 6, Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth; 7, Maggie Ferland, Auburn; 8, Gary Thorne, Sidney; 9, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 10, John Rideout, Washington; 11, James Osmond, Woolwich; and 12, Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset.

New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stocks (25 laps) — 1, Ryan Hayes, Jefferson; 2, Dave Patten, Westbrook; 3, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 4, Craig Dunn, Strong; 5, Bob Patten, Westbrook; 6, Jacob Hensbee, Whitefield; 7, Nathan McWilliams, Lewiston; 8, John Shorey, Alna; 9, Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner; 10, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 11, James Bailey, Alna; 12, Jerry Bailey, Alna; and 13, Cameron Folsom, Augusta

NAPA Super Street (25 laps) — 1, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 2, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 3, Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; 4, Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset; 5, Chuck Gray, Wiscasset; 6, Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich; and 7, Kevin Morse, Woolwich

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.

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