It must have been the height of summer if the sails of dozens of young racers filled the inner harbor of Penobscot Bay near the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse on Sunday, July 27.

That is because the 11th annual Red Jacket Youth Sailing Regatta, hosted by Rockland Community Sailing, welcomed 10 Maine sailing programs and 65 youngsters for the popular event.

Each team brought a handful of sailors who competed in Optimist prams and 420 sloops.

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Despite overcast, threatening skies, strong winds allowed the young sailors to enjoy competitive races Sunday afternoon.

The participating programs came from Rockland Community Sailing (RCS), Northport Yacht Club (NYC), Trefethen Evergreen Improvement Association of Peaks Island (TEIA), Big Tree Boating of Islesboro (BTB), North Haven Casino (NHC), St. George Community Sailing (SGSF), Rockport Boat Club (RBC), Castine Yacht Club (CYC), Camden Area Youth Sailing Program (CAYSP) and Stockton Harbor Sailing Center (SHSC).

Harry Sage, 13, of SGSF won the sportsmanship award and Hannah Lucas, 14, of NHC the coaches' award.

The overall results were: 1 – NHC 34; 2 – CAYSP 38; 3 – BTB 43; 4 – RBC 59; 5 – CYC 72; 6 – TEIA 76; 7- RCS 78; 8 – SHSC 89; 9 – SGSF 100; and 10 – NYC 107.

The Optimist "A" results were: 1 – RBC 5; 2 – BTB 10; 3 – CAYSP 13; 3 – RCS 13; 5 – CYC 14; 6 – NHC 16; 7- TEIA 19; 8 – SHSC 28; 9 – SGSF 29; and 10 – NYC 33.

The Optimist "B" results were: 1 – BTB 4; 2 – NHC 5; 3 – RBC 8; 4 – RCS 9; 5 – CAYSP 12; 5 – SHSC – 12; 7 – SGSF and CYC 14; 9 – TEIA 22; and 9 – NYC 22.

420 "A" results were: 1 – NHC 5; 2 – CAYSP 7; 3 – BTB 18; 4 – SHSC 19; 5 – CYC 23; 6 – TEIA 28; 7 – NYC and RBC 30; 9 – SGSF 33; and 10 – RCS 35.

420 "B" results were: 1 – CAYSP 6; 2 – TEIA 7; 3 – NHC 8; 4 – BTB 11; 5 – RBC 16; 6 – CYC and RCS 21; 8 – NYC 22; 9 – SGSF 24; and 10 – SHSC 30.

Report from KC Heyniger

Rockland Community Sailing at The Apprenticeshop celebrated the 11th anniversary of the Red Jacket Youth Sailing Regatta July 27 in Rockland Harbor. Sixty-five sailors from 10 local sailing programs completed 12 races in Optimist prams and 420 sloops. The event was started to build sportsmanship, teamwork, and sailing skills for local youth, said Heyniger, the RCS waterfront programs director.

“For the 11th year running, the harbor filled with youth enjoyed the thrills and spills of sailboat racing in Midoast Maine,” said Heyniger. “The event grew a little bigger again this year and we are thankful to all volunteers, local supporters, and visiting clubs who came together to make this possible.

Sailors raced in 10 single-person 8-foot dinghies called Opti prams, and another 10 two-person 14-foot sloops called 420s. Racing ran from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 pm. An approaching squall line shortened the race day by about an hour. The race courses were set near the edge of the mooring fields near FMC. Overcast skies and moderate winds at the start picked up to the 12-16 knot range then settled in at 10-14 knots and steady southerly direction. The RC stopped the races at 1:30 p.m. due to approaching bad weather. All competitors were off the water before afternoon downpours set in.

Each race lasted about 15 minutes and required sailors to utilize sailing and boat-handling skills while understanding how to best use the wind and weather to sail fast around the half-mile triangular courses. Both fleets race at the same time but on two different courses. The race committee ran two start lines at the same time — one for the Optimist fleet and the other for the 420 fleet. The start lines extended from each side of the RC boat, a Frers 33 “Badger” owned by Apprenticeshop board member Jim Cuthbertson. The race committee, headed by David Jones, ran 12 separate races.

The teams raced in “A” and “B” Divisions in a rotation that allowed more sailors to race on fewer boats. “A” Division sailors race twice, then landed on a float and switched with “B” Division sailors, who raced twice and then switched again with “A” Division. This rotation continued throughout the regatta.

The 2014 participants by club were:

Big Tree Boating — Sophia Lau, 11; Saskia Grisaru; Annika Rogers, 13; Emily Lau, 13; Olivia Olson, 15; and Grace Hartley, 14. Coaches: Emily McNeil and Mike Horn.

Camden Area Youth Sailing Program — Nate Strout, 10; David Murray, 10; Jillian Galloway, 15; Samantha Zwecker; Peter Galloway, 15; and Warren Galloway, 15. Coaches: Eben Kopp and Julie Beauchesne.

Castine Yacht Club — Augie Oberting, 10; Colton Begley, 10; Apple Lieser, 14; Juni Terry, 15; Jamie Stuart-Smith, 14; and Clark Begley, 14. Coach: Emily Bicks.

North Haven Casino — Augusta McMahan, 11; Eliot Pribramsky, 11; Felix Wolfram, 14; Will Tagliamonte, 15; Sophia Schaefer; and Hannah Lucas, 14. Coaches: Pierce duPont, Nick DuPont and Carrie Shaw.

Northport Yacht Club — Trisha Black; Lucy Lannon, 14; Jack Tubio, 16; Allison Sabote; Ethan Ekberg, 14; and John Williams, 15. Coaches: Erik Ekberg and Nadim El-jaroudi.

Rockland Community Sailing — Jackson Fitch, 10; Carter Fogarty, 12; Jacob Bullens, 16; Leslie Harvey, 14; Thomas McClellan, 14; Jake Lee, 15; Molly McClellan, 12; Ben Hansen, 13; and Ben McKissick-Hawley, 16. Coach: Devon Gordon.

Rockport Boat Club — Michael Frampton, 12, Emmett Acosta, 14, Vika Santora, 13, Olivia Goodwin-Cook, 14, Kat Edfors, 14, Mel Adair, 13, Margaret Richmond, 11, Bryce Carlson. Coaches –Tilden Lincoln, Thatcher Chamberlin, Christina Shyne

St. George Sailing Foundation — Harry Sage, 13; Jonah Koen, 13; Chase Flaherty, 15; Drew Minery, 12; Abigail Sage, 15; and Eloise Smith, 13. Coaches: Briggs Hupper, Jack Hupper and Maz Higbee.

Stockton Harbor Sailing Center — Kyle Nichols, 16; Will Collins, 14; Garrett Smith, 15; and William Bradley; 12. Coaches: William Nichols and Betsy Bradley.

TEIA, Peaks Island — Jack O’Neill; Bella O’Neill; Connor Prisby, 17; Emily O’Neill, Sam Weiser, Anna O’Neill; Parker Bell, 13; and Deanna Doall, 15. Coaches: Sophie Saloman and Tilly Milburn.

The volunteer-run event was sponsored by Allen Insurance, Domino’s Pizza, Maritime Energy, Prock Marine Company and WERU.

The sportsmanship award, went to Harry Sage, 13, of SGSF. It was his first time racing an Optimist pram, Heyniger said. "Despite coming in last every race, Harry was smiling the whole time, kept trying to win as hard as if he was in first place, and came off the water enthusiastically thanking the coaches for letting him race."

This unique award, made from an old Opti rudder, requires the winner to stamp his name on a brass plate with a hammer and metal letter punches, then screw the plate onto the rudder. The award symbolizes the sailor with a great sportsmanship attitude and the “hands-on, can-do, educational process” of sailing and boat-building.

The coaches' award is given to the sailor whose ability to work well with the team, learn from their coaches, and put their knowledge to work stands out, Heyniger said. This year's winner was Hannah Lucas, 14, North Haven Casino. "While racing in a 420 sloop, Hannah fell off her boat and managed to get back aboard with help from her teammate, then proceeded to finish third in the race against nine other boats," Heyniger said.

Smith received a copy of “Maritime America” by Peter Neill, former president of South Street Seaport in New York. The book illustrates America’s rich maritime heritage with boats, art, and nautical artifacts photographed from across the country.

Participants and volunteers received t-shirts, maritime prints of Apprenticeshop built boats, and an article describing the history of the regatta’s namesake — the fast and famous Rockland–built clipper ship Red Jacket. Launched in 1853 near the current location of The Apprenticeshop, Red Jacket set sailing records that stand to this day, and was widely known for its beautiful craftsmanship. The ship’s name was selected for the regatta to foster connections between today’s youth sailors and Maine’s rich sailing and boat-building heritage.

For information about the Red Jacket Regatta, or other sailing and boat-building opportunities RCS and The Apprenticeshop, call 207-594-1800 or visit the websites or

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