Marjorie Larrabee, 95, was awarded a plaque for being the oldest citizen in the town of Knox. It was presented by the first selectman Galen Larrabee, second selectmen Willie Ingraham and treasurer Dorrit Emerson. She was also awarded the official Boston Post Cane. Additionally, she was awarded a letter from Governor Paul LePage wishing her a happy birthday celebration presented by Senator Mike Thibodeau, of Winterport. Marjorie is a Winterport native.

Marjorie and her husband Newton Larrabee (deceased) are the original founders of Aghaloma Farms — a third generation dairy farm located on the Shibles Road in Knox — which is now owned and operated by some of the children of Harold and Joyce Larrabee and Galen Larrabee, also of Knox. Marjorie served the Town of Knox for several years as an assistant clerk at the Knox Town Office.