The Waldo County Extension Association will host its annual meeting Monday, Sept. 8, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Earth Dharma Farm on the Chase Road in Jackson.

Heather Selin and David McDaniel will open up their farm to visitors and discuss the progress of their farm development. Three highlighted areas will be biochar production, no-till pasture seeding and an organic grape orchard.

Earth Dharma farm recently received a Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Innovation Grant to demonstrate an on-farm method to produce biochar. Recent work on soil health has demonstrated the beneficial aspects of adding biochar to soil. The project will demonstrate how farmers could produce their own biochar using local resources.

Selin and McDaniel have also established an organic grape orchard with the intent of developing a winery in the future. The farm has planted more than 1,200 grape vines with the hope to be producing wine in 2015. Earth Dharma is a certified organic farm through MOFGA Certification Services LLC.

Additionally, the farm has been reclaiming abandoned fields and re-seeding pastures and hayfields. At the twilight meeting, there will be a demonstration of the Maine Grass Farmers Network no-till seed drill that will be used to seed some of the newly cleared fields to productive pasture mixes. The Maine Grass Farmers Network rents this drill to interested members of their organization.

In addition to all these great educational activities, the Waldo Extension Association will hold a brief business meeting to approve the 2015 budget request as well as elect new members and officers. Visitors will also be treated to light refreshments as part of the tour.

For more information about Earth Dharma farm, visit For more information about the twilight meeting, contact the Waldo County Extension office at 1-800-287-1426 or email

Earth Dharma farm is located off the Hadley Mills Road. The farm is at the top of the hill. The farm must be accessed from the Hadley Mills Road and not from the Route 7 end.