Carver Memorial Library is hosting “The Colcords: A Nineteenth-Century Seafaring Family,” an exhibit of two-and three-dimensional pieces created by Belfast artist Beth Henderson through Sept. 13. Searsport Historian and teacher Charlene Knox Farris will make a special presentation to accompany the exhibit Tuesday, Aug. 26, at 6:30 p.m.

The exhibit illustrates the travel routes, wares and shipboard activities of the four ships on which the Colcords sailed from Maine to Hong Kong. Featured are sculptures of the two Colcord children, Joanna and young Lincoln, who traveled with their parents, Lincoln A. and Jane Sweetser Colcord, throughout their youth. Henderson used her altered book approach to create these sculptures, working with book pages to develop the features. In this case, she used Parker Bishop Alee's “Letters from the Sea, 1882-1901: Joanna and Lincoln Colcord's Seafaring Childhood.” The book was an important research tool for the artist.

Henderson's sculptures create a vivid picture of life onboard the ships, illustrating how the Colcord family educated and entertained themselves. Also included are photographs of the Colcord family and their home in Searsport from the Penobscot Marine Museum's collection.

Henderson, a retired educator, completed the Penobscot Bay Stewards Program in 2013. She developed this visual recreation of the lives of Searsport's well-known seafaring family as a fulfillment of the program's follow-up volunteer expectation. She said the creation of this exhibit was a totally enjoyable venture back to a bygone age, sailing on the waters of Penobscot Bay.

“My appreciation of this great body of water, which connected the Colcords to the entirety of the world, from Portland to Hong Kong, still holds the same opportunities for today's mariners,” she said, adding that the care and preservation of this heritage, its waters and its people are vital to the focus of the Steward's program.

In her talk and slide presentation concerning Lincoln and Joanna Colcord, Farris will discuss family life at home and at sea during the Age of Sail the Colcords represented; and the effect that the coming of the Age of Steam had on their way of life.

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