The Center for Health & Healing, 17 Masonic St., Rockland is offering a Therapeutic Bodywork community event Wednesday, Oct. 22, in conjunction with National Massage Therapy Awareness Week and to introduce three new practitioners.

Visitors will be introduced to new licensed massage therapists Katrina Pound and Iyla Hopkins. In addition, craniosacral therapist Katherine Davis. Susan Miller, reflexologist and Donna Gray-Hanc, licensed massage therapist will also be offering their services. Experience a 15-minute mini-session in a variety of modalities — chair or table massage of the neck, shoulders and back, shiatsu, craniosacral, reflexology, Reiki, and acupressure.

Sessions will be scheduled on the half hour, and advance reservations are strongly encouraged. Donations to the Center for Health & Healing are welcomed.

The Center for Health & Healing, created in 1990, is based on the philosophy of integration of body, mind and spirit. The Center offers a variety of health care services and educational opportunities to the community. Our practitioners use both traditional and complementary methods to help the individual discover and maintain optimal health. We provide classes, workshops and study groups for those who wish to expand their knowledge of holistic approaches to self care.

To schedule a mini-session, or for more information, call Katrina at 505-1979.