“Relationships” is the theme for the Maine Coast Men (MCM) fall weekend retreat to be held Friday through Sunday, Oct. 17-19, at Tanglewood 4H Camp.

The retreat offers an opportunity for men to spend time with other men, learning from each other and having fun. The cost for the weekend is $100; scholarships are available.

Each retreat weekend starts with a potluck supper on Friday night, followed by an opening circle of peers where each man speaks about what the theme means for him and what he hopes to accomplish at the retreat.

Workshops offered over the weekend will be conducted by participants on such topics as families, careers, lives, drumming, singing, dancing, storytelling and more.

The food is vegetarian, prepared by participants. There’s a “variety” show, where men get to show off what they know or have fun with what they don’t know.

The weekend comes to a close with participants sharing what they’ve experienced and learned. For more information, or to register, visit mainecoastmen.net.